Before Trying to Teach Our Kids This…|California Educational Agenda

This is Part 2 of the CEA Series. I highly suggest you read The Man On The Rooftop first before reading this post…

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1. Today,  I want to ask those who are villianizing parents who are completely against the educational system’s indoctrination of our children, to really think the following points thoroughly.

  • We need to prioritize the system better than what we are doing for our California Public & Private school children.

2. I am one of those parents who is ccompletely & categorically in favor of the idea of educators refraining from teaching sex education to our children, no matter the age.

  • This is the job of parents. 
  • And if parents are not too thrilled about sharing the ‘birds & the bees‘ with their children, maybe this is when the educational system should jump in and help those parents.
  • Specifically,  in teaching classes for parents on how to explain sexual matters to their kids.
  • Not a teacher teaching students the ‘do’s & don’t’s’ of sexual education.
  • I am completely & categorically in favor of  California The Board of Education teaching our children Reading, Writing & Arithmetic.


  • Also teaching Real Life Budgeting, Real Life Finances, Real Life Public Speaking.


  • Training our public school children in Conflict Communication, in a well thought out manner; teaching our children that they can come to an agreement without using:




Foul mouths


& Friends

       — to do their dirty work.

Set Goals Achieve Succeed Repeat.png

3. I am also completely & categorically in favor of  Educators teaching our public school children to use:

  • Technology
  • Training in Sports
  • Real Life Goal Setting where students of all ages learn what it is to win in the little battles of life by achieving success. 
  • Giving awards for achievements Goal Setting with real life awards like gift cards in which the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, Godparents etc., will be happy to furnish. 
  • For those that can’t afford this, I mean those parents in absolute dire need of help,
  • not the ones who don’t want to work; the community can step in and help with those parents or grandparents to get their award cards.


  • It’s time to make our children a priority.
  • Instead of trying to shove the adulterated curriculum to our children, why doesn’t the California Dept. of Education stop this “Health Education Curriculum”
  • And instead, concentrate on bringing California’s educational grades up from ninth to last place in the Union.  
  • Yes, I’ll say this again, Stop teaching things that children should not be learning & start really focusing on making the California Education system the best in the Union
  • & why not the world?

I will be posting the depressing low marks of California schools next post…


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