But I Am Only One LORD! |Discipleship Series

Matthew 13:30-32

I complained that I touched so few people for his Kingdom.
As I prayed, I asked, “Lord, why do so many people hear the call but do not listen to be Your disciples?”

God said— One disciple at a time is sufficient for you, my son.

As I sat and pondered, I heard His still small peaceful voice say, “I had called many, but only one person at a critical moment in time has listened.
I called many to come to Me, Noah was the only one who accepted my invitation.
Then I spoke to many more, but only Abraham listened. So I sent him to a land flowing with milk and honey. Where one day, his descendants would multiply and be the envy of the world.
Then there were many sons of Abraham, but only Joseph listened to Me.
I had to wait hundreds of years for one to listen to Me again. His name was Moses; he heard my invitation and saved My people.

I have called people far and wide, but it’s only one person at a time that the few are called and heed the invitation.

Elijah, Daniel & Jeremiah. Hosea, Isaiah, and the rest of my prophets.
My One and Only Son obediently went to the Cross. He only had twelve disciples. Out of those, four were a little ahead of the rest.
Paul, I personally called, and he humbled himself in the desert. He came to me at the Mount. Paul was one, and he changed the world.
So don’t despair when only one becomes My disciple.
Remember that My Son called thousands, and only a few remained after the Cross.
Elijah was alone, and I showed him my seven thousand faithful ones to encourage him
Don’t be discouraged— so many of my chosen few have seemed to think they are but one until I showed them My army!”

Get to know God, you may be the one He chooses to change the world!

Know God

Steps to Peace With God

How Can I know God

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