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Someone asked me a few months ago why I was so against socialism or any of its deranged brethren. I know it’s the talk of this generation but let me tell you why Socialism, Communism and all the like are so wrong for humanity…

When I was a kid, I started working early. I had a paper route and mowed lawns for neighbors. I went to work with my dad.
When I was in middle school, my dad took me to work with him painting. I loved it. I love learning at every opportunity and still do.
One day during the summer of my senior year, my dad asked me to go work with him. I told him I was too tired and that I would find something else to do. I was lying. I loved painting, but my parents made me dislike even the smell of fresh paint; which took over twenty-five years to get rid off.
You see, I made excellent money painting. I was great at it. As an apprentice, I was finishing the final product that would be sent out to casinos. They were beautiful counter wood finishing pieces, and I enjoyed looking at them and saying that I had a small part in the way they turned out.
I would sign the check to my mom and then drive her to the bank to deposit my hard-earned money. As I would drive my mom back home, she would open her purse and count out all the cash she had, then would proceed to give me twenty-five bucks for my hard-earned work. Work that would take eight-plus hours, sometimes extra overtime. This was about ten percent of what I made!

This story is true. I know that my parents were going through hard times. I paid for a lot of my schooling. I paid for a lot of other things. I am grateful to my parents for teaching me to let go of money.
But I am more grateful to them for teaching me about what Socialism and Communism are. These are systems which leech off of its citizens. Systems that don’t care about your emotions and hard working ethics. They bleed people to death. Sometimes literally, like the case we see in Venezuela, what we have witnessed in the Soviet Union debacle, and other overreaching leeching central governments.

Christians, be careful not to idolize the early church in Jerusalem; The church was so loving, they gave up everything for the LORD. Yet there were those that took advantage of the loving generosity”—

Then we hear a few years later, how broke the Church was in Jerusalem. I will not argue the details over why this happened to the first church, that’s for another post. What I do know, is that sharing with people is great, if everyone pulls their weight around. It is also very good to give to the widow and orphan. Or whatever God leads you to; but this must be Spirit led.

“But I am not talking about this type of charity. “

I am talking about a healthy, well fed person who should be working but is not, because they just don’t feel like it.

Now if you are going to school full time or training for a job, this is different. But I find that in most cases, those who are always asking for money, seem to be regulars at asking for money.

Don’t shortchange yourself or your circumstances. Go and do what God has told you to do, take dominion of this world, work hard with your own hands, and the blessings will come.
— Then if you genuinely think that people should give from their money to others, be my guest and go fund someone else…

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