Don’t Let the Mouse Inside Your House! |Christian Walk Series

WARNING: If you love the theme park in Anaheim and think what Hollywood produces is good & moral, I would ask you to read this through. If you have kids, you must ask yourself if Hollywood and the Mouse with the Big Anaheim House are really who you want teaching your kids about life…

Psalm 4:2—”ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.KJV

Leasing- lie, Literally—untruth, Figuratively— an idol.

In reality, we have bought into a lie.
The cars we lease are not ours. And when we have coveted what they are selling us on TV, we are leasing those things or as the Strong’s puts it— we are buying into a literal lie for an idol we have coveted that will still not be ours at the end of the payment history.

So this hits home pretty hard. Modern-day society is instituted on renting, leasing and 0% until such a time.

This world is full of things that are calling out to us. But, if they are only drawing you to the 5 senses, and are pointing away from the spiritual, buyer beware. God has intended for us to know the truth. The truth sets people free because people crave to worship God.

Unfortunately, most people have to worship something or someone other than their Maker because the world has been continually dripping lies from the minute we are born.

Tinseltown’s Lies

“This is where we Christians come in. Don’t settle for the lies of moral standards of this day and age. We know who is running Hollywood and all of its fantasy-based theme parks.

All of those things are leasing our hearts and minds to the point of making us think that the world has Tinseltown morals.
If you are reading this and you have tried what all the TV shows and the Mouse in the Big House in Anaheim have told you that you should be, remember that everything they are showing you is fake. The characters are fake, the lives of the characters are fake. Their marriages are fake. Their whole way of life is not real!

You don’t need to keep up with the Kardashians. You don’t need a whole new world to start fresh. You don’t need a confused teenager teaching your kids about life and their moral view of it.

— You don’t need that beautiful car or the beautiful house that is leased; because when you look beyond the material worship of idols, you come to realize what truly matters is not what’s on the outside.

—You will finally realize that you have come back full circle to a place where you can commune with your Creator. The God who has been waiting for you to see what He sees, and feel what He feels. Total freedom, peace, and grace, bringing us true love. Not the fake love we have been inundated with on TV and the internet. But the love of God that sets us free from all the leasings in life. That love sets a person free where it matters. Because 100 years from now, the fancy stuff, the theme park with the fake mouse, the Kardashians and all the rest, will be just bones, and a bunch of plastic and silicone stuff.

— But if you decide to choose an authentic life, you will be in the most real presence you will ever witness — the state of love and grace with Jesus your Savior. And your experience will not be leased….because Jesus paid for you in full. God will have redeemed you.
No leasing…no renting…but bought by Jesus’ blood on the cross….take that step into reality. Leave Hollywood and Silicon Valley behind. Choose life not fake leasing of your soul

Get to know God, I promise you He will not take you on a magic ride; but will bring you into His presence. Where you will not need to stimulate your mind with fantasy. Because the reality will be far better than a theme park experience or movie marathon…

Here’s more information should you choose a real and lasting relationship with God:

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