I hate That Foul Mouthed @#$@# Jerk! |Character & Integrity Series

The above quote was from someone I heard while waiting in line at a restaurant. This person actually cussed while complaining about our President.

—I also just watched a video of a couple of NYPD cops get doused with water and disrespected in front of everyone while the crowd went crazy.

—Additionally, I’ve seen what politicians are doing with their mouths lately, from both sides of the aisle. Especially the Democrats.

—We have a President who is a businessman and not a Statesman. He has done what he has promised, for that, I am grateful. Yet, I hear or read some of the things he says and cringe. Even then, I respect his office. We have to respect the title, not the man. But as Christians, we cannot excuse the most powerful human on earth to get away with this way of communication.

I’m not asking for a saint, but I am asking for him to set the example. To go above the sewage being thrown around in DC and show everyone that we can be civil to one another.

Cambridge Dictionary

——I have watched the new Democratic rookies coming in, using language that they are criticizing POTUS for using. They criticize POTUS because of his tweets and his sharp tongue during press conferences. Yet they themselves, along with most of the Hollywood crowd, use offensive words to debase those whom they disagree with politically.

Is it any wonder why the NYPD officers were treated in the most disrespectful of ways? Why our country is going through the Antifascists fascist groups phase?

Christians, we have to beware of becoming like the world. We must be lights to this world. We must point people to Christ so that the change is from the inside of a person.

— The country needs to come back to God. The country has to restore itself spiritually. The only way this will be done is if we have another unfortunate tragedy like 9/11, or a great revival like the one which started in Azusa Street.

—But the time to act is now. We can’t be the-laid-back-Kumbaya-singing-peace-loving Christians who turn the other cheek and allow people to step on us. Yes, there is a time for love. There is also a time for work and war. And believe me, this is a period of some of the toughest spiritual and physical conflict the world has seen.

“Oh come on Oscar! You are exaggerating this to oblivion! The world isn’t that bad!”

Ahhh… yeah, it is. The blatant disrespect for authority is staggering. I have not ever seen this in my lifetime. Frankly, I don’t think there’s ever been a time where so many people hate what this government stands for. The way of life for all of us in the West is in danger of breaking apart.

—At its foundation is the lack of character and integrity. No one cares to respect people anymore. We all want our way. Just look at the freeways or streets as people drive. Everyone wants to out-do the other person in front of or next to them. The lack of courtesy is appalling. Kids flipping people off just because they feel like the other has cut them off or somehow offended them.

—Which brings me to the reason I want you joining me in prayer for this country, its leadership, all authority figures. Pray that we begin to respect all first responders like we used to. Pray for our President, so that he shows integrity in all he does, not just bringing the country economically back.

—Pray for our Congress. They are in desperate shape. They need extra anointing by God. The division and discord caused by Party lines need to stop. Congress has to act as one. Not as a fragmented House and Senate ready to duke it out with their enemies across the aisle.

—Pray for our Schools; this is where the second most important place for our children is.

—Pray for our homes, where men and women will show what character and integrity are to their children so that the next generation will carry the torch of true freedom. Only with integrity and character will freedom flourish.

—And pray for Spiritual awakening in our homes, places of work, government institutions and in the highest leadership. Pray that The Capitol be united. That all members come to know the True Policy Maker, our LORD, and Savior Jesus. Then and only then, will the bad-mouthing off and disrespect that is rampant, will give way to courtesy, respect, and integrity of character.

Is it just a dream? Then if it is, I have a dream…




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