Don’t Judge, Smudge or Begrudge! |Move Forward Monday

There was a time when people pointed their fingers at specific ethnic groups in this country. I am not just talking about African-Americans. I am talking about the Native Americans.
Native Americans contributed so many things to the Old World, like corn, avocado, cacao, the number 0, and astronomy, precise astronomy, which led to seasonal planting of crops at the right times.

Ahuacatl, or Avocado

In another period, people in Germany pointed their fingers at Jewish folks. The Jewish people were nearly brought to extinction. Their incredible contribution to many cultures is invaluable. I am talking about the spiritual and mental contributions. They brought us three of the most prominent religions in modern times. From one Book, the world has seen the moral foundations of their society passed on to the world.

The world would not be the same if it weren’t for the contributions of each ethnic group above. The world owes them so much and I, for one, am grateful for them; since I have native blood running through my veins.

Another ethnic group that I am grateful for is the African- American contributions. From the old Negro Spirituals or hymns to the incredible and fascinating Jazz movement which took over the world in the first quarter of the 20th Century. Some of my favorite artists have brought me great life memories and moments. I also listen to gospel singers from here and in Africa. The incredible a capella mesmerizing and rhythmic vocals. With their deep smooth baritone sounds, make me just close my eyes and lift my hands to thank God for such talents.

The African-American community has brought so many great athletes. Athletes that have changed the course of history by breaking the racial divide one person at a time.

Western Europeans have also contributed to the world. The first thing they triumphed in was to come to a full knowledge of Jesus the Savior of the world. It is when Western society embraced the teaching and emulated Jesus, that the world exploded in thought and the sciences.

Each country from Italy to Britain contributed a part in making the world and this country what it is. The great minds of people descended from Britain and Europe brought not only Christianity but the stem or extension of what free people could become. Commerce and faith brought the most extensive freedom of living that the world has ever seen.

Three documents, The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, have impacted the world. From the building of free trade in the original 13 Colonies to world trade as we know it. To the rebuilding of Europe and Asia after WWII and the middle east after the despots were taken out in recent times.

All these ethnic peoples, working together and in different periods of time to make the world a better place. All these people prominently living in America. Making this great nation what it has been and will be.

But I am incredibly disappointed with the way we as are treating each other. I am not your enemy, and you are not mine. We live in a remarkable place, where even with so much division, immigrants are dying and crying to get here.

Even with the news telling us how hateful this country has become, minorities are thriving in medicine, sports, and commerce. More women are graduating from college than men (more links below).

We need to stop blaming someone else for our personal actions and conduct. We need to get back to why this country became so great.

Yes, America is exceptional. You can disagree, and yet, the immigrants keep coming to our shores, crossing our border illegally.

This is still the greatest country on earth. No one is trying to get their visas to go into China and get an opportunity to become rich or at least live quietly and comfortably.
You may disagree with me on this, but no one is secretly crossing the border into Venezuela…

My Venezuela NightmareBloomberg


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