Church Is Where You Take It! |Boundless Church

I was speaking to my Barber as he was cutting my hair. I’ve gotten to know him well. It’s been almost a decade.
There are barbers closer to me. I had one before that is about a 5-minute drive who cuts hair just as well, but his bedside manner is atrocious. The current Barber is a little bit longer ride.
The reason I go to him is that he is one of the most Christ-like people I know.
In the years I’ve been going there, he regularly shows me an example of what a Christian should be.
People come in to see him and wait, sometimes hours to ask him questions. He is one of the best counselors I’ve heard. He gives scripture in every answer, and Christ’s love is always apparent.
Sometimes, I wish that I could have his patience. Homeless people come in asking to use the restroom. He lets them use it, and after they leave, excuses himself to clean it, so that his paying customers will not complain.
He wanted to be a Catholic priest early in his life and decided that marriage was more important. I agree with my Barber’s statement. Adam was lonely, even when walking with God. Men and women are never to be isolated, except to fast from each other.

All this to say, my Barber encourages me incredibly; and for that, I am eternally grateful. Why? Because he knows I am a pastor, and I know he loves God being a Catholic. Yet, we both are working in the LORD’s Harvest until the day He sounds the Trumpets for His workers to stop the work and go and celebrate. I am delighted and rejoice when it’s time to see my Barber because we can chat about Christ and point all who hear us to Him!

If you own a business or if you are a coach, or stay at home mom, or if you are a jet setter traveling all over the place, church is everywhere and anywhere. Go out and make disciples. Point evryone to Jesus! There is no boundery or limit or lack of people!

P.S. i didn’t name him because I will not take his crown away!

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