Only Road to Salvation |How To Know God

I recently spoke to someone who I have been getting to know better. This person has a good heart and is sincerely seeking God.
This person asked me why I always encourage folks even when I don’t know them that well.
This young person is working at a restaurant, and I encouraged them(will use they, and them from this point on, so as not to keep repeating myself) to go to college and work on what they like. They, like kids and sports. So every time I see them now, they will tell me their plans. They have also asked about my relationship with God.

By Oscar Roca

I explain to them that all people who are born, come into this world with sin in their hearts.

By Oscar Roca

That all people fall short of connecting with God on their own. Because we have all been separated by the wrongs we have done to others. Our sinful hearts lead us in the wrong direction at times.

And that only through Jesus we are connected back to God’s righteousness, without having to do anything ourselves,

By Oscar Roca

That if they faithfully agree with everything that I’ve said, to ask Jesus to come into their lives & they are committing to allow Christ to do the work of changing them from the inside out.

If you decide to trust God to connect back with Him, all you have to do is confess it to someone aloud. I let them know that I could take them through the life-changing process.

—Do you know why Jesus came to die for you?
—Have you decided to know God intimately?
— Are you ready to give all your worries and problems to the only One that can help you through them?
— Are you ready to commit yourself as you are to Jesus?
—Do you want me to help you with any question or concern about committing yourself to Christ?

Short Version—This has to be from your heart to God’s:

—You have to ask for forgiveness.
—You also have to thank Jesus for His work on the cross.
— Lastly, you have to ask God to help you have the will power to stop you from doing the same wrongs or sins in your life. He will be faithful to lead you every minute of every day from this point on.

Longer Version:

—LORD, I know You sent Your Son Jesus into this world so that He would put an end to the separation everyone has with You. I ask You to take all my wrongdoings away entirely.
— I ask You to take my sinful heart and mind and replace it with a new spiritual one.
— I know that I come to you with all my problems, hang-ups, and past mistakes. I know I don’t need to do anything to take them all away because You will change me by Your power.
— Help me to change the things that I am doing wrong. I can’t do it by myself. Fill me with Your presence in my life. I know that You will guide me from this point on.
— Thank you, Father, for bringing Jesus to pay the price for my sins instead of me. I will stop doing the things that separate me from you. It will not be by my power but from Yours.
—I ask you this in Jesus’ Name.

by Oscar Roca

Lastly—God also promises us that His peace will be your peace. That’s a peace that we can’t fully fathom. But it’s yours if you ask Him.

If you want to reconnect with God, I ask you to go through the above process, or ask Him right here, right now, to come into your life and bring you peace. Ask Him to forgive you, and God will. Thank Jesus for dying for your sins. He will reconnect His relationship with you.

By Oscar Roca

Any questions, leave a comment.
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