Don’t Give Up —Don’t Give In! Press On! |Tuesday Reset!

I was up late night praying for the final classes I’m taking. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been on a roller coaster ride these last four years. I have gained some very valuable insights while getting my Pastoral & Divinty Diplomas, as well as my Bachelor’s. This, for me is not a pause, since I will be studying to get my Master’s.

What should have been me working on my Master’s a while back, turned into another future blog story. But, now, I can see the finish line…

Oscar Rcoca

I am not saying this to pat myself on the back or let everyone know how wonderful I am. On the contrary, as I was praying for patience and thankfulness, a thought came to mind. I saw many a student who was struggling with keeping up with the demands of so much in life. I must admit, it gets overwhleming but bearable.
I envisoned the different class members with their families and lives. Each student was going about their business.
Some did not look joyful because of the present worries and struggles in their lives.
Some were young, some middle-aged. Some had lots of family members walking alongside them on their journey. Others had few friends and family, and still, others were alone, walking towards their graduation. All of them had caps and gowns on.

I found myself empathizing with each of the students I came across as I imagined walking around the small American town.

Oscar Roca

I continued imagining…a few graduating students were turning back, disheartened, and sorrowful.
Those are the people that I would hurry and try to encourage. I had what looked like a plethora of gold bar graduating pins with me.
I wasn’t supposed to be putting it on them. That was for the faculty to do, yet, I was being led strongly to do this.
A faculty member saw what I was doing. She gave me a nod to continue as if she knew that I was trying to encourage the students who were so close to graduating, but were thinking about quitting.
Some came from violent areas where it was so hard to live, let alone go to college.
Some came from broken homes where single parents could not afford to help them.
Some were the single parents, who were struggling to make ends meet, and having second thoughts about staying in school.
Others were going through a family crisis, not knowing whether to move forward or stay put.
Those were the ones I would shake hands with, hug, high five, or fist bump. And those are the ones I would cheer on while placing a graduation pin on them.

Their faces… that’s what I most remember.

Oscar Roca

You see, their countenance went from sorrowful to joyful and peaceful.
They would look at me and make an about-face from their car, or direction they had started. They had been encouraged by the small gesture to continue towards their prize.

My urgency was to empathize, encourage, & educate them to achieve what they had started, it felt right, just, & pleasing to God.

Oscar Roca

If you are reading this and are going through any health issues or addictions. You may be going through financial hardships, family struggles, or whatever it is that is making you want to turn back on your walk with Christ. Or, are having setbacks educationally, or spousal or family problems, I want to tell you that God loves you. He is waiting for you to cast all your fears, concerns, and heavy burdens on Him. God wants you to keep moving forward by shedding or casting all your burdens on Him. Don’t give up!

Because in life, we are all either studentsOf Christ or, Students of this world…

Oscar Roca

If you are a student of this world, it means that you are burdened by the heaviness of the busyness of this world. Where you can’t see past your next paycheck, let alone graduation time, or an end to marriage counseling or the next hospital or prison visit. I invite and encourage you to give those issues to Christ and not to give up. To move forward.

If you have fallen and are panic stricken, unable to make your next move, close your eyes, breathe in and get back up! Dust off, look around and take a mental picture of your situation. Because one thing I know, life moments, some joyful, some harsh, will come and go. Take a mental picture of it all. For the moments that make you stronger, are the moments where you don’t want to move forward in life. Those are the moments that God reaches down from His throneroom in the heavens, and grabs a hold of your spirit.

It is in those times when you look up & cry out, that God touches you! You have the strength to jump to your feet & start running! You feel encouraged, you have that extra spring to your step & set your eyes back on the final prize!

Oscar Roca

This is what God can, and has done for many of His children. God can do this for you right here, right now. Just ask Jesus to help you keep your eyes on the goals in your life. Then also ask Him to bring you to a state of peace and stillness where you can take a moment to:

Refresh Only the way that God can refresh your spirit. Ask God to strengthen you spiritually, mentally and physically.

RegroupTake a step back and see where your goal is. Take a set of mental pictures of where you were when you started, are now, and will be in the future. Do not look back on the negatives, but look back at all your triumphs.

ReinforceReinforce the goal you have and ask God to give you the strength to move forward. No matter who is telling you that you can’t or that it’s too hard. Don’t listen to people, sometimes, they are mirroring their own doubts and fears. This includes your parents, siblings and anyone else who discourages you from attaining what God has commanded you to do.

Replan Take a look at your plans. If you have not written your goal down and have planned on how to finish it, do it now.

Most people fail to plan, so their plans fail. Don’t become one of those statistics

Oscar Roca

RemoveRemove all doubt. The world will tell you it can’t be done. God says, “Follow Me and I will show you!”

Resume You can take a break from everything, but don’t wait too long because your break may be permanent! Start as soon as you have gained your spirtual and mental strength!

For those that need to hear this I am cheering you on! Keep running towards your prize. Stay focused on your goal! Whatever goal it is in life that you are running to.

If you need God’s help, ask Him! If you don’t know how, just ask Jesus to help you with the words. Ask Him to remove any negative things in your life that are casuing you to keep pausing on your goals, or marriage, or health issues. Ask Him into your life. He will bring you peace through all your life struggles. Accept Him as your LORD and Savior. You will see that He cares and loves you beyond any obstacles you may have.

Recommit your will through Christ to finsih the race! This is extremely important. You must be committed to finishing what you have started in order to do it with gusto!

There are no I’ll Try’s, only I’ll Do’s & Won’t Do’s!

So go & reach for the stars, because Heaven is rooting for you!

Oscar Roca

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