Did He Really Say That You Couldn’t Do?…. |The Spiritual War on God Pt 1


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If you know me, you know that I have always told my wife and daughters that they can do all things through Christ. That nothing is impossible for them if God’s will is present.

Oscar Roca

This is why I’ve waited about a month or so to post this. I have revised revisions, and edit after edit. I’ve written it a few times, prayed about it extensively, and waited patiently.

(But being in God’s will is one of the most critical aspects of our walk. And it is as essential to me for them to succeed in life and be whatever God calls them to be.)

So what I’m about to say is a hard thing. But it’s something that must be addressed, to speak truth because God will never contradict His word. We know that the Word of God is true (Psalm 18:30).

—As much as it pains me to say this, it is in keeping with God’s word; and it is coming at a time where the church has divided itself on things that are as clear as night and day in the Bible.

—The Bible has a history of God using women in a wide variety of capacities.

—A well-known prophetess Myriam was a Prophetess (Exodus 15:20), Noadiah and Hulda were also prophetesses (Nehemiah 6:14, 2 Kings 22:15).

Deborah was used by God because Barak was too weak mentally and spiritually to lead a nation that was immoral and spiritually bankrupt. Barak did not want to lead and gave up his leadership. Deborah was not only a Justice but also a Prophetess. She led a nation back to God (Judges 4).

—God used Ruth to show us how God would bring a Redeemer for Israel and what a virtuous Bride of Christ should exemplify (Ruth 2:1-4:22 , Matthew 1:5).

—God used Esther to save her people from tribulation (Esther 4:14) .

—Mary, a teenage girl, was used by God because she was also virtuous and faithful (Isaiah 7:14 , Luke 1:28).
—Elizabeth was so devoted that she was past her child-bearing age, yet God used her to bring forth, per Jesus, the greatest man born of women, ever to live, John the Baptist (
Luke 1:5, Luke 7:28).

—There are other prophetesses in the NT— Anna in Luke 2:36 who never left the Temple, yet, it never states that she went into the actual Temple or the Holy of Holies. An evangelist named Philip, who had four daughters who prophesied (Acts 21:9).

—Jesus surrounded Himself with female disciples. These same women were the first to see the Resurrected Savior. Not the Apostles. And just like the story of the Justice- Prophetess Deborah, men were too weak, so God used women in there place (Matthew 26:56,Matthew 28:1, Matthew 27:55, Mark 16:1).

—I believe that women can be presidents; I agree that women can be CEOs of major companies.
— I believe that women could be the best of doctors or astronauts, and they will excel in everything they fix their minds on…
— I believe that women bring a different dynamic to every aspect of society.
— Here’s where I stop throwing caution to the wind and break with the trending women’s empowerment movement.

—What I don’t agree with is women who are teaching both men and women.
— What women who are trying to teach both men and women may not realize is this—They are hurting the word of God, and I take that very seriously because you cannot mess with God’s word.

— Some may say that the Bible is not clear on women teaching men and that in today’s modern society, the all male centric way of worship is antiquated and out of touch. That women have all the rights of men in every aspect of society, and that whether men like it or not, women will do whatever they want.

James 4:7

—When I hear this, I realize two things, that those women who are intensely adamant of leading their families and churches, usually have a problem submitting to the LORD. I say usually because this is what I see in both men and women who have problems with serving others in life and ministry. (More on this next post.)

I have a few questions, but I’ll ask just one. The most important one:

Show me anywhere in the Bible where there were women Priests, or High priests chosen to serve inside the Temple or were allowed to walk into the holy of Holies?

Now for what the Bible says about women senior or lead pastors:

Next Post…. Where the war on men came from & why women want it all, including in the spiritual realm . Why it is the ultimate war on God and not men.

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