Back To The Garden—T-13 Days |Christmas 2019 Series

T-13 days Until Christmas!

—In my previous post, I mentioned that Joseph, and his future bride Mary, who was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, were in a bind, trying to find a place to rest for a few days in Bethlehem.
They were forced by the Roman Emperor’s decree to go to their ancestral tribe’s town to get counted in a Roman Empire wide census.

This was one of the principal Prophecies being fulfilled by God for verification. But there were others…

Genesis Genesis 3:15

—You see, God had promised Adam and Eve, right from the beginning of their disobedience, that He would one day redeem them and reconnect His relationship with them. Redeem means to buy back, or release the debt. This redeeming was going to be fulfilled by Jesus on the cross.

But here’s another amazing part:

—Jesus also had to fulfill God’s promise to Adam. One of his descendants would be born to stomp on satan’s head. Not killing him but injuring his devilish whisperings.

This devious and evil fallen being would wreak havoc on Adam and Eve’s descendants, until Jesus’ work of redemption on the cross. ( Genesis 3:15 ).

—And, Jesus had to come from the line of King David due to the promise God gave this king. That one of his descendants would be The Anointed One or Messiah of Israel( 2 Samuel 7:13; 2 Samuel 7:16 ), thus being born of Mary’s line through David ( Ruth 4:18-22Luke 3:23-38 ), and also legally through His step dad Joseph’s line through David ( Matthew 1:1-17 ).

Satan would never recover. His weapon is the intellectual essence of this world…

—Satan would never recover. His weapon is the intellectual essence of this world. People who are influenced by this enemy and his hordes intellectually, are also those not spiritually connected in a relationship with Christ ( 1 Corinthians 15:55).
Those who “hear his voice”( John 10:27,
John 10:14 ) have lessened the effect of the enemy’s whisperings. We are filled by God’s Spirit, who gives us discernment to perceive something is wrong when we come across things that may not be good for us.

All this to say, Joseph & Mary could not find a room to rest in their ancestral place. Yet, they both had family in Bethlehem, who may have helped them but were unable to host them correctly.

—This little family would end up in a place with animals who witnessed the birth of their God incarnate. It would be a perfect conclusion to God’s promise of one of Adam and Eve’s descendants, who would come and make things right again. Reconnecting humanity back to God in a sort of garden-like-state.

Here’s what I mean:

Two peoplea man & woman back in connection with God and his creatures, like in the Garden.
No poor, poor Joseph & Mary, God had them where He wanted them.

—Alongside His other creation. The Almighty would also be making the animals reconnect with their Creator. The little donkeys, sheep, and goats would be a witness for their kind; since they could see who this Baby really was!
Why would God want His little creatures there?
—Like Joseph and Mary’s fore-parents when they were taking care of the Garden, more specifically, God’s animals.
God orchestrating this incredible manger scene to show his children that this God-baby-King was setting the Garden scene back to what it should have been….thus fulfilling the Genesis prophecy, and the Davidic prophecy of a Messiah coming to set things right.
—No other man in His-story has even come close to fulfilling just one specific prediction written thousands of years before ever taking place.
—Jesus fulfilled hundreds and hundreds of pre-written prophecies regarding His First Coming or First Advent.
More to come on these predictions being fulfilled…

If you don’t have a connection with Jesus, make this incrdibly wonderful time of the year be the moment you reconnect with your God, don’t wait:

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