The Journey is Yours—But Don’t Go It Alone |Christian Basics

As Christians, we must look at life as a long marathon or journey through the last stop.
When I was younger, I would run eight miles up and back with just a water break in between. I often would just run to run. I loved running. It calmed me down.
Now, as I am older, I’ll tell my wife I’m going for a walk. Sometimes, I’ll call her five miles later to pick me up. This also clears my head.
We usually get up and walk early in the morning before anything or anyone is up. This is the best time to talk about the day, our goals, and about God.

All this to say, life is a journey. Yes, you’ve heard this before. But for those who have committed their lives to Christ, that phrase has more profound meaning.
We are to run this life race and help others in their journey along the way.

Where there are people who are running the wrong way, we are supposed to stop and offer directions. We are to get those who are lost a way back on the road.
When we see someone stumbling, or slowing down, this race is at an individual level, but it doesn’t mean we don’t stop to help and encourage others who may be slowing down or about to get off the road and stop.
Our lives are not for racing as fast as we can and taking first place.

Our job is more of medics, who are running or jogging down the road to find and help those who are hurting, or ready to call it quits.

Our medicine is the Word of God, and our emergency contact is God Himself. We have a 911 direct line to God anytime we need it. And unlike calling the earthly 911 here, God will not tell us that we are not supposed to call for non-emergency stuff.

You see, our journey is so much better when we have a ‘cloud of witnesses‘ running alongside us, helping us, and seeing us through. Because we will also be making sure those around us get help in getting back up or even carried through this race.

All this to say that with 2020:

If you are one of those who are tired or weary from last year, ask God to lighten the load you’re carrying.
If you don’t know how to ask God, it’s as easy as going somewhere quiet, looking up and asking God to help you through this tough period in your life.
If you are struggling financially, or with a horrible addiction, or are going through a complicated relationship issue, God will help you through. He may not take away the problem that was there already.

But, I do promise that He will make it bearable for you to see it through.

If you are a Christian who is looking at 2020 without being excited about the possibilities where God can use you to help others or get in a better relationship with Him; I ask you to stop everything you are doing and go in your prayer closet. Wherever that may be, and sit still enough to hear from Him. Be patient, ask with sincerity and humility. Then see what He guides you in.

Make this year the year that grows you spiritually, mentally and physically, in that order.

When you get right with God, everything else in this journey falls into place the way God wants it. It may not be the way you thought it would, but trusting him and surrounding yourself with other believers, will see you through this year and the next, and the next after that.

Run the race or walk it with endurance, the prize will be all those around you whom you have helped along the way…
Go get 2020! It’s yours! Because God has you covered!….

If you want to get closer to God, or want to have a personal relationship with Jesus, ask Him into your life. Comit yourself to Him today. DOn;t wai!

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