Happy New Year—Please Fasten Your Seatbelts & Remain Seated… |2020 & Prophetic Murmurings

2020 & Bible Prophecy

As I am researching scriptures for my upcoming books, I can’t help but think about the way 2020 has started. We have a President who is being impeached, but no one really knows why. Yes, he is rude and sometimes obnoxious. Yes, President Trump has “foot in mouth syndrome” most of the time. Yes, he loves the art of the deal. Yes, he acts like a typical New Yorker, or at least that’s what most people have a picture of New Yorkers. I’ve been to New York, interacted with New Yorkers, spoken to them on the streets, and they are as diverse as this country.
Now back to this nation’s critical period. This President may be all the above, I may not like what comes out of his mouth at times. But this country is better off with him there. Anyone who is unbiased about this fact can see that our country is doing much better than before.

We also have the Iranian crisis. Our appointed leaders have killed an Iranian who is hundreds of times worse than any American President or general we’ve ever had. For those that can’t see this, well, do your research. And like I said about New Yorkers, not all Iranians are evil. The fastest-growing church in the world is the Iranian Church.
Not everything is black and white, but everything is good and evil or right and wrong.
You see, we are approaching a time in history that has been written about in Prophecy. Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul of Tarsus, and John wrote about this. Jesus also spoke of this era.

Now to the meat of the subject. I will be writing about this critical period of time that seems to be drawing closer. I will be breaking up world events that seem to be coming out of the pages of the Bible in 3-D at a faster rate than ever before.

The following scriptures are but a sample of what I will be posting throughout this year. I will also be giving current world events to show that things are happening exactly how God told us thousands of years ago. We have the prophetic writings in the Bible, so the skeptics can’t say that Christians are manipulating things and making things up.

—Isaiah wrote about a time when the world would become evil, but people would call evil good, and right, wrong ( Isaiah 5:20 ).

—Solomon wrote about people aquitting the guilty but condemning the righteous (Proverbs 17:15 ).

—Paul wrote about the last days being incredibly dangerous because of people becoming too into themselves and hating everything that is morally correct ( 2 Timothy 3).

—Ezekiel wrote about the time that Russia, and Iran would become menaces to Israel and the rest of the world. Plunging nations against nations ( Ezekiel 38 ).

And what will happen to Gog’s (Russia’s) armies, including their allies who will march against Israel ( Ezekiel 39 )?

—Jesus spoke about the last period of time when family members would go against each other and give each other away to the governing authorities ( Matthew 24:9-14Luke 21:10-19Mark 13:9-13 ).

All these things are happening before our eyes. This is nothing new for Christians. And some will ask me how I know the time is drawing near. 

—The main reason why I perceive the timeline is close is that Israel is a nation once again. After two thousand years or so, after being dispersed throughout the world, the land of Israel is once again thriving ( Ezekiel 37 ). God told the prophet this would happen in the last time period of humanity.

This could be a period of two hundred more years. Or it could be as short as tomorrow. But the prophecies will be fulfilled sooner or later. 

You see, Israel is the gauge for prophecies to come to fulfillment. Without Israel back in their homeland, none of these prophecies could start. So as this new year bursts into the present, I will ask you to stay tuned…

This information is not to scare but to inform people. If you haven’t committed to God, I suggest you make an informed decision to ask Him into your life:

Know God

Steps to Peace With God

How Can I know God

Pasos para la Salvación PDF

Paz Con Dios

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