The Poltical Cure —Get rid of the virus & start Afresh! |CORONAVIRUS 2020

March 24,2020

We may be patient, but we aren’t stupid!

Each day, another valuable life dies. This is unacceptable!

The first thing I want to say is this. Whether you are a conservative or liberal, independent or very pro party, young or old, new to politics or experienced, violence is not the answer to any solutions. What is said here is for getting back to healthy debates among all people from all walks of life and political stances.

—Having said this, here in the US, the way this Crown virus from China has been dramatized into an almost national Martial Law is to be questioned. I have already spoken about this in my past blog posts.

So I will address these next two things.

—The way the Democrats have kidnapped and ransomed the American people is shameful. This is not a time to hold this country at bay. If we the people have to stay home longer than needed because of your sophomoric fighting and bickering, it’s time to get rid of you come November.

—Too many of you have gotten rich off of side deals and investments while working for the people. It’s time to get your sorry behinds out of Congress.

—This goes for any governor or city official who is wasting people’s money. Or have you forgotten who pays your salaries, and takes the brunt of the tax burden?

I urge all of you to stop trying to get your self-interests and the self-interests of your lobbyists ahead of us. Too many of you have gotten your butt cheeks imprinted on the hallowed chairs in Congress while doing nothing!

It’s time for you to move out and allow people who will bring in fresh, fiscally conservative ideas to come in and save the country from, well, from you. We are not in a moment to spend on things that have nothing to do with stopping and curing this #coronavirus!

So enough of trying to get your way like a pre-schooler who lusts after some other pre-schooler’s toy.

Madam Speaker, I don’t care if they did not add your rubber ball into the stimulus package. Senator Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, no green new deal! If you want to pass such a fiscally irresponsible monster which will eat America’s wealth, and make it look like Cuba and Venezuela,try this:

Both of you get on a private plane while drinking your champagne on my tax dollars and take a permanent vacation there. I’ll even buy your one-way ticket!

For the rest of our Congressional representatives, just get the Stimulus package done and get the medicines out so we can finally have some sanity back. The money is not the issue, we want to get back to work and to our normal lives!

I will not sacrifice my life & work if you aren’t serious enough to take care of things in Congress!!!!!!

We, the People, are watching all of you! And come November, some of you, unlike the much needed stimulus package, will not make the cut….


Act for America

ACT! for America Education

Family Research Council (FRC)


California Online Voter Registration



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