Questions—When They Don’t Have an Objective Objective! |Prophetic Murmurings 2020

March 19,2020

There may be a cure for the covid-19. It has gone through peer review through a French doctor who has had a 100% cure rate in test subjects. I don’t want to give details of this yet, since, for now, it is too new to give people false hopes. 

I hope this is true and that we have a cure for this. It has been complete madness. I also think that this has been some sort of test run to see if the masses are awake or sleeping

There are lots of questions I would ask of the governing authorities. Because this is what they all are. Like President Trump, all Governors in every state, Congressional representatives, etc.

What I find disconcerting is the lack of information disseminated to the public. I understand we are to keep calm, but here are the things that I have serious questions about:

—Why did the public, including myself, allow for our government to put us in isolation without having facts and figures?

—How many deaths are attributed to the homeless problem we have in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York? I am not isolating these cities alone, Miami, Seattle, DC, etc.

—Out of the total population, since this is supposedly an airborne virus, how many of those infected are heavy smokers—through cigarettes, vaping, and “medical” marijuana?

I am not speaking of those that have asthma, or lung issues that are not from the above things I mentioned. 

— Out of all those infected, what percentage are older, above 65? Of those, how many lived in small living places like convalescent homes, group homes, and those types of cramped living spaces where social distancing is not an option?

 —Of those older people affected by the virus, how many had previous health problems?

— Usually, when an outbreak like this happens, like the SARS, MERS, H1N1, we’ve never had such drastic measures taken worldwide. Those epidemics reached the US but weren’t that bad. My concern is that as a society, we reacted severely.

Too many people started hoarding out of fear, or to take advantage and price gouge others in their communities.

—This outbreak had the world afraid because one—the Media, all media, scared the pants out of those who were watching, listening to, or reading their Fear Mongering headlines.

—We also, as a society, have allowed others to think for us. Whatever the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Centers for Disease Control), or UN (United Nations) or governing bodies of each country say, we take it as solid truth!

I am not an anarchist or rebel. What I am is an independent thinker. I don’t allow people to tell me something without facts.

Even when people come to me and say something like, “They say, or they told us on Facebook…or They say it’s pretty bad…They told us the death toll is this many…First thing I ask, who are THEY? What are THEY? Are THEY experts in the matter?

Even if THEY are experts on the given subject, in this case, THEY being medical experts, I do not take what THEY say as 100% proof or truth.

For instance, I am still waiting to hear the exact numbers:

—What age groups have been affected the most?

—Are there any children affected?

—Is there a correlation with those affected and heavy smoking, in whatever they are smoking?

—What is the male/ female percentage of affected?

—How many deaths from each group?

—Have those affected been vaccinated in the last few years? 

—Have those affected visited any other countries in the last 90 days?

—How many in each group have fully recovered?

Here are more critical questions:

Why did we allow the government, both at state and federal levels, to mandate self-quarantines, without really having the above numbers, percentages, and questions answered?

Which leads me to other crucial thoughts:

The WHO is part of the UN. The same UN that have, in recent history, been so slanted against the United States and Israel.

Having said this, the doctors who make up the WHO are there to make the world better.

But they, the WHO don’t answer to us, who do they answer to?

But my biggest concern is that the WHO, will, because of being part of the UN, make decisions which are part of the goals of the UN, and for me, in my personal opinion, I do not, in any way, believe the UN has any objective objective (No, that’s not a typo).

The UN and the USA have been at odds on so many things. That’s for another post. 

Now back to this covid-19 madness, by the time this whole thing is worked out, the United States will have lost trillions of dollars economically.

Are lives important? Yes, they are of most importance. Have we overdone things? Yes, we have allowed ourselves, our fears, greediness, and survival modes to go into overdrive.

But we have also allowed our God-given rights to erode immensely. Because now, the WHO which does not answer to us as a sovereign nation, but only to the United Nations, has taken power that it should not have!

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

I, for one, am grateful for the self-imposed restrictions my family and I have gone through. I don’t need government to tell me to do this. It’s not for them to tell me. It’s for me to do the common sense thing. We can’t become dependent on any governing body!

But I have a strong inkling that this self-quarantine is just the beginning to bring in more mass control. Especially from a country like the US, where we hold individual rights above the cattle herd rights. But this, is changing, and I don’t like where it’s going.

The one world ruler is salivating with delight at the way we Christians in America have just handed in our God-given rights to ask more from our government…

WHo is the one world ruler-dictator? Next part…

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