Don’t misjudge Our Prayer Time as inaction! |NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER 3-15-2020 Pt. II

Colssians 3:8



Picked up tweets recently of a Democratic Representative and a kid who thinks being in the spotlight by saying his parents are ***** ignorant on how to run a democracy; the same childish kid who is grown up but acts like an 8-year-old, said **** prayer.

When you use foul language, it shows everyone your lack of maturity & ignorance of a language.

Reality is, these two people are not the only ones saying this. If you are on Facebook and Twitter, you will see a few things:

—People dropping the F-Bomb regarding people who pray or say,” I’ll be praying for this,” or President Trump’s tweet on National Day for Prayer. Some people took to social media to F-Bomb those who prayed.

This Representative of the people by the people tweeted and F-bomb regarding POTUS’ National Day of Prayer. 

And then when she got a storm of criticism everywhere on social media, she started back peddling. Saying that she prays….clearing my throat….yes because the F-Bomb on praying tells me that you are a prayer warrior….

You think it’s isolated, but this isn’t the only time. When there have been shootings, people take to prayer. Those who are atheists will drop the F-Bomb and say that we need action, not empty words.

WARNING: Here comes my rebuttal:

Some of those people who say things like this are the ones that have really never given anything to humanity. They hide behind their “social justice warrior” cape & have never given from their own food or water to anyone…they just talk & complain!

It is not we who believe in God that are ignorant, old fashioned, and clueless. We have a life compass, guiding us when we pray.

—You don’t see us going around angry and offended at everything and everyone. We remain faithful in the teachings of Jesus, our LORD and Savior. We remain confident in what the future holds because we know Who holds the future in His hands.

Neither is it by our power, nor the government or anyone else. This is where you, who are without hope, fall short.


Going back in time, you’ll see, there were true Christians in Europe praying on their knees during the dark ages. They did not succumb to doubt or fear, like what is going on now with this coronavirus. These true believers knew what the Bible told them.

We need more Prayer Warriors, not empty social justice warriors

History will show, Christians feared the plague. But they took precautions, they did not let fear and those who were hysterical, get to them. Because they knew what the Word of God said back then, and we believers understand what the Word of God says now.

Even Christians perished while helping, but they helped lessen the agony of those dying vThere were Christians all over the Roman Empire and beyond, who were selfless.

They prayed, they got on their knees, but it wasn’t a posture of defeat! It was a picture of humility. Humility to ask God for help, and boy did God help them!

Love of God, helped Christians move fast. Once they got back on their feet, they went into action. They, were not filled with fear and hopelessness. They were the ones that cleaned boils off of those dying. They gave water and food to the dying and needy. They adopted the orphans of those who perished.

People who were regularly on their knees got up and changed the world. They became a model of what people should do to love their neighbor.

So fast forward to the beginning of this great nation; these same people you call “ignorant and weak” for praying, once they got up from their prayer closets, they changed the world again.

1 Timothy 6:18

These prayer warriors who had bent the knee to the LORD of Creation got up and built the most renowned Universities on earth: in Oxford, England, across the pond here, Pastors and ministers established the Yale’s, Harvard’s, Columbia’s, and the Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Catholic hospitals of this country. They built schools in every town. They taught English to the natives. Schools were free because you see, unlike atheists, we knew what we could do by praying!

Or you go to St. Johns or Yale or USC or Notre Dame. People on their knees who knew what personal, corporate, and National Prayer days were.

Ask yourself where an atheist Hospital is? Last I checked, St. Josephs, Cedar Sinai, Presbyterian Hospital, etc., is where you go to get well or during an emergency.

Christians changed the Roman Empire from within. They took babies left on porches because the fathers rejected them for whatever reasons they deemed. These Christians were slaves and free, yet all prayed corporately. These Christians gathered, rich and poor, masters, and slaves. Slaves taught, masters were their disciples. Equality was real! There was no racism. Women were equal to men. These prayer warriors were on equal terms.

Ask yourself next time you hear someone saying F*** prayer, if the person is ignorant of the things done by prayer warriors. Look back in history and educate them!

Those of us who pray don’t stay in a kneeling position long. 

Change comes when we are on our knees in prayer, because we are getting instructions from our Dad. He is the Creator of this world. He made everything in the universe. He knows the end from the beginning. He holds everything in place. He is the Master Craftsman! He is the One we go to on our knees because we know that when He tells us to get up, it is time for action!

You who don’t know this, are in a fog. That’s because you don’t know where we get our strength. 

That strength and guidance changed the world. No other faith can say this and atheists can’t either.

So next time you hear someone say,” Enough of prayer, F*** prayer!” Remind them that those who prayed get things done! Those who don’t, well, they cuss and moan and let those who pray do the heavy lifting.

If you are fed up of not knowing where the world will be in the future, get to know God, get to know the power of prayer:

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God

Paz Con Dios

Pasos para la Salvación PDF

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