A Call To National Prayer |National Day of Prayer 3-15-2020

1 Timothy 2:1-2

Tomorrow is a National Day of Prayer

President Trump has asked for the nation to come together to solemnly petition the Creator of the Universe, the One who can bring this pandemic panic to a halt. 

Today, I am just a Christian man coming before you, asking all of you to humble yourselves to pray alongside me and the rest of us who will be getting together to pray for this covid-19 virus. 

We will not be speaking about politics or who is at fault. We will not be blaming a country, a person, nor a party. 

We will be coming together for one specific thing—to ask God for protection, for a cure, for a blessing.

In the past, when Israel had wandered away from God, prophets would call upon the leadership of the nation to ask for forgiveness. You see this with Moses, who was Israel’s representative to speak on their behalf. In Exodus 32, God is ready to wipe Israel off the face of the earth for their:

—The people’s anti-Moses sentiment—Exodus 5:19 & Numbers 16

—The people’s persistent whining and complaining—Exodus 14:11-12

—The people’s complaining about the food they were eating—– Exodus 16:1-4

—People complained about always being thirsty—Exodus 17:1-4

—But their worse sin was the people’s faithlessness and idolatry, turning away from God and worshipping a man-made creation of.—Exodus 32:8

 —The people’s stubborn refusal to move forward—Numbers 14:1-10 

In Israel’s wilderness experience, we see the people turning against Moses, who was their representative before God.

Moses is being confronted daily. Some make it known that Moses does not represent them. They blame Moses for all of their problems. Even Aaron and Miryam are among the ones who are against Moses at one point.

But what the Israelites do not realize is this: 

God called Moses, personally. 

God had plans for Moses personally.

God used Moses personally.

God gave Moses His power personally.

God called Moses to be His personal secretary.

God did not call anyone else to lead Israel into the Promised Land.

Not even Moses would cross into the Promise Land.

God would not have people murmuring and complaining amongst His people.

Numbers 14:11-12

Yet, people are people. We all murmur, complain, want to go back to what is comfortable for us, and forget about God at one point or another. Moses intercedes for the Israelites. Even though they have been deadset in getting rid of him. Moses’ heart is to serve God’s people.

Moses’ thoughts are not to get vengeance on any of them, but that all should come to repentance so that they can live long enough to see God’s promises fulfilled in and through them.

Numbers 14:17-19

But God is always so faithful, loving, merciful, and patient with us. It when we have to be disciplined that He does what any loving parent will do when his children have crossed the line one too many times.

Even then, when Moses pleads for God’s mercy on His people Israel, God hears Moses’ prayers and forgives them. What should that tell us to do when all else fails, and we know that our society has crossed the line one too many times? 

Daniel in Daniel 9:18b

The time for us to pray llike Moses and Daniel is now! Do not wait. May you and I and everyone come together with our Nation’s Leader and pray for our country. May we be in one accord in praying for this epidemic and division. May we come before the Almighty’s throne and lay our burdens at His feet. Rich, poor, liberal, conservative, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic.Male, female,child, elderly.

Come, let us reason together and ask for God’s forgiveness, blessings, and unity. God bless this country; God cure this country physically, mentally, but most of all, spiritually…

P.S. Daniel’s prayer is one of the most profound prayers in the Bible. Please take a closer look at Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9 and 10

President Trump has called the nation to pray, God in the past, has heard the prayers of the nation’s leader and people. Please join me on this.

If you don’t have a relationship with God & want to start, here is information to help you make an informed decision before tomorrow’s day of prayer:

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Steps to Peace With God

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Pasos para la Salvación PDF

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