A Weekend at Bernie’s Anyone? |Truth Behind Tyranny 2020 Elections

I was a small kid when the gas’s lines of the 70s were in full swing. The Arab countries’ embargoes were at their zenith. I was just a kid, but remember having to wait in line with my dad for what seemed an eternity. 

Tempers flared, the dark side of people became apparent.

Some would take their anger on the government’s inability to fix the situation. Some people would take advantage of the situation by trying to cut in the long lines. Of course, the outcome was always the same. People, mostly the drivers, and also mostly men, would go at the person with such recoil that usually, the cheater would get in his car, peel out, with his tail in between his legs. While all those who had been waiting in line, jeered infectiously towards the vehicle, which was making a run for the hills.

Pic Courtesy of The Long 70s

I remember looking at the kids inside the cheating cars, they were just like me, trying to figure out why grown-ups would be so infantile. Adults were always telling us to act our age, and yet, the first minute there was any type of crisis, they would revert to being two-year-olds. 

“Me, mine, no, I want it!”—This is how I imagine a small percentage of those grown-ups back then waiting in line. 

Fast forward to this moment in time. My wife tried going to Costco yesterday. Keep in mind she has to go on her lunch break. I had tried around 8 a.m., but the lines were extremely long.

So today, I made my way to Costco to get gas; usually, the lines are pretty long, but today it wasn’t too bad. Out of curiosity, I went to the front of the warehouse. To my surprise, the line was again, ungodly long. 

Here’s the thing, we are not in an embargo crisis, nor are we in a Great Depression. Yes, the markets have been down because of this Coronavirus scare. And no, the lines waiting to get in as early as 8:10 a.m. shouldn’t be like this! 

Two things I want to convey,

—If this is causing what I call the Great Coronavirus Scare of Election 2020, imagine if we ever elected a Socialist for President. We would not only have water and toilet paper shortages, we’d have forced diets of nothing Americans hold dear. Under every “socialist” government, what follows is high gas, food, utilities, and healthcare lines. 

— Also, in my last post, I spoke of the dangers of Bernie Sanders. He calls himself a Socialist-Democrat, whatever his convoluted concoction he’s mixed together, it is still a fake narrative of promises to those who want free food, healthcare, housing, and whatever else he’s fake promising.

First off, he doesn’t give anyone a specific amount. This is the agenda of the communists. They will promise the moon and stars. Promise to take from the rich to give to the poor, like Robin Hood. Except, he is one of those “rich” people who owns three houses, has made millions from his book, and gives extremely meager amounts to charity. This is the guy who will if elected , be the authoritarian against any who oppose his beliefs. How do I know, wait for it…

Bernie Sanders is a Communist, plain & simple. 

Nothing less & nothing more

Do your homework. Sanders praised Castro (click link of summary video), the Sandinistas, and has never come out condemning any fascist regimes like China, N. Korea, and Venezuela. Why would you think he hasn’t done it? Because he wants to set up the same kind of loser government here. 

Ask yourselves why the governing elitists always want to take the 2nd Amendment away? Our right to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment our Founding Fathers wrote. There is an essential aspect to this. They knew that in the future, the US government could become a bunch of authoritarian despots, taking more and more away from their subjects.

Except, we are not their subjects. We are subject to no man! We have God-given rights that can’t be taken away except by God. Unless We the People allow tyranny to happen. 

By Oscar Roca

All this to say, look at this picture above, that is what the future of America will be if we elect that old white guy who screams that the President of the United States is a racist and sexist. Yet, while Bernie was living off of the taxpayers, Donald Trump was hiring, blacks, women, Latinos, and other minorities in his businesses. The President was loved by Oprah, Hollywood, the black community in New York, and had been giving a Medal of Honor from Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other leaders. If this man is so racist, why would they give him that honor?

Couldn’t find original source please let me know so I can give you credit

Now coming back to the long lines, if you like standing in line hours before stores open, to get basics, like toilet paper and water, go ahead and vote in Bernie and people like him. 

Your wait in long lines now is just a practice rehearsal of what America can become under a Fascist Socialist President. Please don’t believe me. Just take a look at all the socialist experiment countries who have tried it:

List of The Failed “Socialist” Experiment

No, the Scandinavian countries are not socialists. This is another lie that good ol’ Bernie tells to make his story believable, 

And if you believe Bernie’s story, I have some fabulous beachfront property in Cuba and Venezuela to sell you! You could be spending a weekend at Bernies…or a lifetime…you take your pick!

The only thing you need is a one-way ticket and your passport. Then, you could enjoy your days standing in long lines to get gas, whatever food they give you, and the best healthcare in the world, where people from the Western countries are desperate to get those doctors to treat them too…Sorry, the last statement would be something Bernie would say to get your vote…

Next Post, Why All The Panic?!

If you are tired of empty promises from your representatives, put your trust in God. He never breaks His promises!:

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