A Hard Hitting Letter To The Bernie Generation |The Truth Behind Tyranny-2020 Elections

“I want a loan!” The man demanded. The poor loan officer didn’t know what to do. He had been trying to explain the concept of getting a loan for over ten minutes, “Sir I’ve already told you, the bank can’t give you a loan without an application, and without a total amount of money that you want to borrow.”

That made the man livid, “I want to talk to the manager, now!” 

The poor loan officer went to get the bank manager. About a minute or so later the manager came down to speak to the man, “How can I help you today sir?”

I can’t believe the rotten service I’m getting!” I want a loan, this is a bank right?”

“Sir,” the manager calmly replied, “Without an application, a business proposal or total loan amount you want to borrow, I’m afraid we can’t help you.”

“How dare you!” The man asking for the loan screamed, turning red. At that moment, two security guards came, and forcefully had to escort the crazy man out of the bank…

The above story is so ridiculous that you are laughing at how completely silly it is.

The first thing I want to make sure anyone reading this gets is this, I am a sinner saved by the love, grace, and mercy of the Eternal One.
So when I mention things that are hard-hitting, it’s because I know the human mind. It is deceitful, beyond cure, who can understand what people do to their neighbor because of what they have bought wholeheartedly in their minds.

Jeremiah 17:9

Throughout history, we see the atrocities done in the name of mankind. Religion, atheists, political leanings, love, hate, for conveniences; you name the cause, and an act of wickedness of some kind has been done.

So when I say that this country is at a terrible impasse, I mean this wholeheartedly.

I see a great divide between those that want the government to take care of them from an incubator to the casket, and those that want to live free, work hard and reap the benefits of going out into the world to be productive.

Specifically, I see this in those under 35 years of age. This particular generation seems to think that they are owed something that no American generation has ever been given. Now again, it’s not all the generation, because I see some incredibly productive Millennials who are thriving at work or in their businesses. But, I hate to say this, a significant percentage of the Millennials do not want to take responsibility. They would rather stay at home with their parents, using up the parental utilities, enjoying the cars, cells, and laptops they have been given, than exploding into the world with all the energy, zest, or gusto to make this world a better place.


Instead, they will be voting for quite frankly, an older mirror image of themselves.

I have really thought of this for a few years. Why would a generation of young, smart, friendly, and educated, want someone like Bernie Sanders as President?
Because they want someone just like them. Millennials can scream and protest and cover their faces, wearing black clothing all they want. They can protest global warming, scream at adults and call my generation incompetent fools for allowing climate change to wipe out humanity in 1988, 1996, 2000, 2006, 2012, I mean as of 2017, humanity has 12 more years to go, before the total annihilation of earth.
Now back to my point, Millenials are savvy when it comes to smart tech, but boy are they neanderthals when it comes to getting out into the world.
I will blame my generation for their failure to some extent. But in the end, adult age starts at 21, when it’s convinient for you to say you’re adults…
There is so much one could blame on the parents one had.

Daily Beast

All this to say, all those voting for Bernie, are voting for something that is unattainable.

You are voting for a mirror image of yourselves. You will be voting in a man, like the above story, who has never worked a day in his life.

Bernie has never really done anything in Congress to set himself apart from the group in an extraordinary way.
But worse than this, you have bought into the lie that Bernie can get you free medical, free college, free healthcare. For you to be free to do nothing.

Life is not like this. Every minute of every day, people must choose to make a positive impact on the earth. Or people can choose to live a life of taking from humanity without impacting anyone.
I choose to make a positive impact on humanity.

Unlike Bernie, who has never given his followers a precise plan, how he will give everyone everything they’ve ever wanted, without applying for a loan through Congress, which he has been serving longer than most Millennials have been alive.

Net worth

Also, without having a total amount of how many trillions of dollars it will cost us the taxpayers, who are the bank managers for that foolish man.
If you believe Bernie, I want you to try this out:

Tomorrow, go to any bank close to you and ask for a loan that has no fixed amount attached to it.
Then tell them that the loan not only has to be open, but it also has to be approved to you without an application or business proposal.
Then, when the bank kicks you out, go back home.

Go to your bathroom, look in the mirror, and imagine yourself being an old Jewish Democratic Socialist,which is code for Communist, who promises everyone what they want to hear, just to get elected and not have to work a day in his negatively impactful life…

Next blog- Are Trump and his supporters racist fascists?..


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