A hard Hitting Letter to American Parents |The Truth behind Tyranny 2020 Elections

A hard hitting letter to parents who have millennial children still at home:

John Adams, 1765

The March 2020 elections are here.

This means that some people will go into the voting booths full of knowledge, some will go full of ignorance and some will vote because of peer pressure. 

Where do you and your adult children fit in the above?

Proverbs 22:16

I’m going to be speaking frankly in this multi-part blog series, to the parents of the last two generations. My kids are from the Millennial Generation. I know parents who have Centennials. Either way, I want to encourage you to be more active in all their thought processes. They still need you for their spiritual, mental and physical training. We are living in politically dangerous times, because most parents have become nonchalant when it comes to explaining the God given freedoms that this country affords all people.

The schools are infested with an over abundance of agendas that have seeped into the educational system since the early 1900s, with John Dewey and friends’ socialist agenda.

James Monroe

Now, we are in an impasse politically. Most young adults have been taught that America is evil. Very few schools do The Pledge of Allegiance. Very few have objective American History classes, let alone, civics classes where they learn about American values.

You name a political-left agenda, our kids have been taught about it. Drag Queen hour is more popular than the Bill of Rights. The Gay agenda has replaced civics and home Econ classes. President bashing is the norm, forced sex-ed classes are tyrannically given without parental control.

I saw a guy driving his BMW with the following bumper stickers: A Bernie Sanders Sticker, A Rainbow Pride sticker, A Proud Teacher’s Union Sticker & a Darwin Car Sticker! This is who we have teaching our children! People with all those stickers have agendas, 9 out of 10 times, they will be anti-Christian & Anti-Conservative!

The educational system has become the sounding board of the Left, where Communism, socialism are touted as Utopian dreams. While our Founding Fathers are vilified as White Plantation vitiating the land with despotic powers, and those who love the Constitution are racist, fascists bigots.

We, the Parents, have allowed a very small minority of educators, from elementary teachers calling this President a Fascist, Nazi...to professors calling those who voted for Trump racist nazis, even though they are African-American. This is the hysteria we are living in.

BUT True fascism is this:

From Dictionary.com

The above definitions depict Hitler and Mussolini’s 1930s-40s Germany and Italy. The Germans were in fact socialists.

How dare you say this Oscar, where did you get such Fake and blasphemous News? Me clearing throat…from the NAZI name— National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party…

Well, where did you get that Mussolini was a fascist and socialist?…Me clearing throat once more…From his beginning of the Fasci di Combattimento, which was founded after breaking from the Italian Socialist Party.

Are you getting the picture? If not, let me give you a list of Socialist/ Communist Fascist leaders:


All this to say, please instruct your children about this great and wonderful country. I have said this before, America is not perfect, but what other country in the world has so many immigrants trying to get to their shores, so they could get a small piece of the American Dream? Even now, people in Hong Kong, are singing our National Anthem and waving American flags because they want the same freedom and individual rights that we have. May we never forget this. May we never forget to teach it to our kids and grandkids…

Next post- Is the President a fascist & the difference between Communism, Socialism, & Democratic Socialism…

Know God, know true freedom that can never be taken away:

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