The Perfect Lamb of God—The Perfect Passover Sacrifice |Passion Week 2020—Passover

WEDNESDAY PASSOVER the 14th-day Sunset:

We have to remember that the Bible was written by Jewish writers who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Yes, the New Testament is written for the most part in Greek, but the writers were still Jewish. Their culture was Jewish, and their faith was from that of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
There are so many people trying to guess the exact day of the Passover and Crucifixion. But there are too many variables to look at here.

First, the Gregorian calendar is not the calendar used by the Jewish leaders, ever.

Second, the Jews had a peculiar way of timing the full moons that may or may not have worked to an exact way the LORD had mandated.

Thirdly, I thank God that He did not allow the birth of Jesus to be written down on the exact day. So we must then turn to scriptures and figure it out.

Remember that a Jewish day starts at Sunset not sunrise. So Tuesday at 5:59:59 pm would end the day & at 6:01 pm, Wednesday would start.

Passover Wednesday Sunset

His Story told by Jewish Writers:

When Moses and the rest of the Israelites wrote, they wrote from their 1,900 plus years of traditional Israelite History. And His Story is written by the Hebrews.
Because of the Gregorian calendar, the traditional church timeline is miscalculated. In some years, Easter falls before Passover, and this can never be since the timetable in the New Testament Greek scriptures are based on the Last Supper being during the Passover and then Jesus being crucified. Not the other way around.

The timetable is crucial since we have to make sure the purity of the timeline in scriptures is held accountable.

The Miscalculation of The LORD’s Feasts :

By adding Gregorian calendar mistakes are made, which don’t fit the Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23 timeline for the Passover. So, I will venture on the side of caution and go with the Hebrew Scriptures to get the exact timeframe of the 10th Day and the 14th day, Passover.

On this day, about 2,000 years ago, Jesus would come together with His disciples for the Passover Feast. He would tell them that He was to give His Body and Blood for all of humanity ( Matthew 26:26-30; Mark 14:22-26Luke 22:14-231 Corinthians 11:17-34 ), and later be turned in to the Jewish Authorities.
The Jewish Leadership would unknowingly be inspecting Jesus (Matthew 27:1-2), becoming the Paschal Lamb of God whom they would take into their Priestly Chambers to have a mock Trial. They would not find any sins, blemishes, and facts would not substantiate their accusations.
Little did they know that they were inspecting the Sacrificial Lamb of God, not finding a single blemish.
Jesus would then be falsely found guilty, which would then, to the disdain ( as you will see tomorrow ) of the Sanhedrin or Jewish Council of Leaders, be put to death. The Jewish mobs would be singing the High Hallel Psalms sung only during the Passover and in Jerusalem all over the city. More on this tomorrow.

The Perfect Lamb Inspected for sacrifice:

But for now, the highest court of Israel had made Jesus, their enemy. They wanted Him dead. They found any excuse to put Jesus to death, playing into the hands of God when He says in Genesis, in the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob, who would suffer in the hands of his brothers, like Jesus with Judas betraying Him. Also, like Joseph, Jesus would be sold for money and would suffer in the hands of foreign jailers. God would turn the evil they caused for good (Genesis 50:20 ).
All this to say, what some of the High Council of the Sanhedrin meant for evil, Jesus was fulfilling the Exodus Passover requirements for the Male Paschal Lamb without blemishes to be Killed, have His blood posted on the doorposts like this:

By Oscar Roca

What kind of love is this?!

Jesus had to fulfill this specific prophecy. For all who place their faith and trust in the Blood of the Lamb, to be spared the gruesome second death eternally. More on this tomorrow.
For now, for all those reading this, remember what Jesus instituted this day, about 2,000 years ago.
Jesus told us to remember His body and blood sacrifice. He said for us to remember as much as we could, and to let others know what He did for us on the cross.

This sacrifice may not be a big deal to some. But for me, knowing that the Creator of Life, the God of the universe, and our souls, came down from Heaven, became a baby, dependent on His creatures. Grew up knowing heartache, pain, and temptation and being the oldest Son of His household. Knowing who He was and yet humbly taking care of His mom and siblings after His stepdad passed on.
As Jesus grew up, knowing the very day, hour, and seconds of His future horrific pain under the hands of the Jewish leaders. What the Romans would put him through. The betrayal of one of the Twelve. His fellow Israelites, who chose a man named Barabbas instead of Him to be spared the horrendous and gruesome death on the cross.
To me, I can’t fathom the kind of love, devotion, and faith God has placed on us, His children. I can only imagine, and think of the price my Savior paid for His creation. To love us so much, that He would obediently come down from Heaven and pay such a terrible price for us, His spoiled, rebellious, and obstinate children.

I, for one, tonight, will be breaking bread with my wife, & invite all of you to break bread & drink from the cup of the New Covenant, started about 2,000 years ago by Our LORD & Savior Jesus, the Messiah or Savior of the world.

Kairos Bible (Company not paying me, I just like their App!)

Jesus & the 6,000 year old prophecies:

Also remember, that He came to fulfill what was written almost 3,500 years ago by Moses in Exodus 12.
But even older than this, what God foreshadowed with Isaac, Abraham’s son about 4,000 years ago in the same temple mount of Mount Moriah. When God prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac and then inspiring Abraham to say that He would offer Himself a sacrifice ( Genesis 22:1-10Romans 5:6-11 ).
And even longer than this, God told Adam and Eve about 6,000 years ago—That a ‘seed’ of Eve would have His heel bruised by satan. Curious to have God call Eve’s offspring a ‘seed’ since women biologically don’t have seeds but eggs. Showing that even 6,000 years ago, God was in full control of His Word. And that His Word is final. Jesus was that holy seed given to Mary, a teenager from the tribe of Adam (Eve), Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah ( Genesis 3:14-15 )!

So today, make your decision. Decide to follow Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The One they crucified for you, me, & the rest of humanity.

Take a moment to sit in silence and acknowledge Jesus, the Savior, and what He did for you on this day, almost 2,000 years ago.

Have a Blessed Passover Feast and New Covenant Communion!

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