Your True Wealth Lies In… |Faith-Family-Others

There’s a story I have heard about a man who kept acquiring wealth…

He would stop at nothing to get more money into his bank and investment account. He was outstanding at buying something and selling it for three times it’s worth.

He came from a humble background growing up…  

He married in his late thirties because he didn’t want his children going through tough times like he did. He worked hard during his twenties and very rarely socialized. Everyone knew him as the guy who would someday “make it” in life. But no one really knew him well enough to invite him anywhere.

He met a woman while doing business out-of-town. This woman quickly realized that she could live a life of luxury with this man. He was too busy to recognize that she was paying attention to him for his money. They married and had kids. He was too busy making money, and she was happy that he was not around since he always complained about her spending too much money on things she didn’t need. Years passed by, he would lavish her with expensive luxuries and vacations anywhere she wanted. As time went by, the more he was out, the more she would live her life on her own. His kids enjoyed the fine things that their father was providing.

Matt 6.png

Yet, he was a stranger to them. Soon, the kids went on to college. The wife was left alone and realized that she could do whatever she wanted. She was lonely and soon found someone else. After the divorce, the man became angry and made a vow never to marry. He continued working ungodly hours and hoarding more of his wealth. Time passed, kids got married and had their own children. They would invite him to all the important life events, he always had an excuse why he couldn’t go.

While working late at night, he grabbed his heart, it was excruciatingly painful. He reached for the phone and all he could tell the emergency operator was that he was having a heart attack. After a week in the hospital, he woke up, with no none at his bedside. There were tons of flowers and notes all over his hospital room from all his business clients and customers, but not one form any of his family members. Dejected, the man’s heart was broken. He died with no one at his side…

It has been said that a person is defined by the possessions he or she attains in this life. That the material wealth or things that a person has at the end is what determines their whether they have made it in life or not.

Mark 8.png

Are material things important? Only to sustain and protect a person. We all need housing, food, clothes and have necessities. We also need emergency funds just in case there is ever a life emergency like you lose your job or have a health issue that keeps you away from making money. But aside from this, the rest of what we call necessities are more of luxuries.

Make sure that the most valuable things in your life don’t grow up too soon and walk away from you. Make sure that the precious person whom you have promised to cherish in sickness and in health is still that, the beloved person who you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Time comes and time goes…fast! Enjoy the journey.

Don’t get caught up in the stuff that doesn’t matter. Get caught up in the attention that you give to others. Especially your loved ones. They are the most cherished and valuable possessions a person has, Not the material stuff you can’t take with you. Leave your spouse and children a legacy of working hard, playing hard, enjoying hard, praying hard and worshipping God hard. All the rest is just added expenses… Expenses because at the end, what does it profit a man to have gained the whole world and lose his soul? Or his family?

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Bible Sources:

Matthew 6:20

Mark 8:37

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