Women Against Women! Why? |Moral Truths For Election Tuesday


First thing I want to say is that I am a father of two grown women. I have told my daughters to reach for the stars. That they can do anything that they put their mind to, with God’s help.

  • With the Elections coming, I want to make sure that people vote morally or with their morals and not a specific loyalty to one party or the other,
  • To Fast & Pray on Monday November 5th
  • For God’s Divine intervention & Wisdom

I very rarely watch live television anymore because the debacle of our nation is shown like a laser pointing directly at our culture’s demise. I’m not going to talk about whether Justice Kavanaugh is guilty or not. That drum has been beaten to the pulp. But I will talk about what I am seeing in this country. The division is real, and it will set women’s rights back a few steps with the way women are treating other women.
The Kavanaugh hearings were too unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, I have very thick skin.

  • Yet, I found myself hurting for the little girls that came into the courtroom on that early September day where the welcoming of the now Justice Kavanaugh and his family was interrupted fourteen times before the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Grassley (R-Iowa), could say welcome!

Then to top this off, we see the faces of these little girls whose smiles begin to fade as they see the nastiness of the so-called “educated people” and “leadership” of the opposing party. Right from the beginning these civic leaders and their followers just went haywire against the Kavanaugh family.  I had only seen this kind of hate when I was younger and moved in where we were the only Hispanic family in our town at that time.
I mention their followers above,  because it’s almost a cult-like feel to the crowd screaming in unison, with an emotional high and low note going from buzzing to screeching, almost as if an invisible dark force is orchestrating their movements and tones.

  • These trance like zombi-ish screaming interruptions continued on as the chairman was trying to bring order. I had to turn off the monitor when I saw the security team dash the poor girls away from all the commotion.

The disruption of those calling for women to unite against this confirmation hearing because it would violate women’s right to choose had gone extremely awry. These protesters were filled with such hate, that they spewed out what they thought was their right to do and didn’t care who got in the way.

  • I stopped to just say a quick prayer for these young future female voters.
  • I prayed that God would take away what they had just witnessed, or at least make their memory of what was supposed to be a glorious and proud day for them, seeing their daddy do what very few people in history had done…

But it was not to be. I don’t have to explain how catastrophic the confirmation hearings were. This is not a bump on the road in our history. This is a consolidated, specific, and intentional scheme for this country’s demise. I won’t get into who I believe is behind all these perfectly, well thought out protests, that’s for another post.

Women's Rights.png

I will ask every person reading this to ask themselves the following:

  1. Is voting morally against women’s rights?  No, it’s not. When moral people are in office, all people thrive and rejoice (See Proverbs 29).
  2. Is voting morally against killing babies that include future doctors, pastors, Presidents, congressional leaders, missionaries, etc., the right thing to do? The bible says you shall not commit murder(See Exodus 20). Especially against the innocents (See Exodus 23).
  3. If you are a female, do you approve of killing female babies or any babies for that matter? 
  4. These babies who in the future, could end up being the first in their family doctors, CEO’s, Presidents,Teachers, cancer curers, etc.?
  5. If you condone this killing of females, is this not hypocrisy on your part?
  6. Does the party you belong to condone killing other female future voters? Again, is this not hypocrisy on their part?
  7. Isn’t it an oxymoron to be fighting for your rights so passionately but at the same time allow the killing of what you are passionate about?
  • If you agree that killing any unborn human being is wrong, please go and vote on your morals and not your Political Party.


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