When You Boo God, I turn You Off |Moral Truths for Election Tuesday 2018

Before reading anything click to watch Bishop EW Jackson’s encouragement to black voters. I encourage every voter to take the same stand. Then please read this post…

As a registered Independent voter, I have a different view of what is going on in the political world without being subjective to one party or the next. I have voted for both party candidates in the past. But more and more, this has changed for me. I can’t or am unable to reconcile the doctrines coming from the Democratic Party anymore. They are anti everything. The overall rhetoric being conveyed from the top down, is simply frightening.

Hateful Division JPG.png

A lot of Hispanics, Blacks voters, vote because their families voted Democrat. This was my case. Before I was a Christian, I had heard how awful President Reagan was. What I kept hearing from my family and friends made my thoughts who they were.

  • To the point which I am now ashamed of admitting, that I grinned when we heard the President had been shot. This was in high school in the early 80s. How awful, lost and pathetic was I?

Brings me to the point I am making. We are what we hear. The social media and news outlets have a 90% negative reporting on President Trump. Even though he has done what he promised while campaigning. He has brought this country back from economic recession. Not that I am a 100% Trump supporter. He makes me cringe sometimes when he opens his mouth. This is in fact, what America is nowadays…more on that in a future post. Just remember, we elected what America is. Our reflection is who we vote in…

 Compared to what we hear now in Democratic circles, if you were to take what JFK said in his State of The Union’s, he would sound very much like a conservative today…the shift in Democratic philosophy has drastically swung to the far left, almost socialist….I remember how most Democrats booed God in their 2016 convention.

Is Anarchy-Mob rule okay.png

This divisive crowd booed in 2012, DNC Chair Antonio Villaraigosa, had to ask three times for votes on reinserting references to God, and Jerusulem, back into the Democratic Party platform. Why? Because the Democratic Leadership knew that it had turned off a good percentage of liberal voters in the country. Some Democrats gave so many excuses when these two events happened. Yet, I see something happening that is very disconcerting. This party is becoming alarmingly secular and socialist. When people I know who are Democrats try to explain these events off as no big deal, I will stop them when I hear this and tell them:

  • There was a time in America when someone started a prayer, 99.9% of people would stop everything and show respect for the prayer to God. This did not happen in the prayer/ convocation in 2016 nor did it stop there.

Granted, some people defend the boo’s saying that it was the Bernieites who booed against Hillary’s nomination. But, this is my point. Some adults have become like those unruly-screaming-for-everything-they-don’t-get-kids we all see at stores. The ones the parents look and stand by like victims instead of parents….

  • To the sane Democrats out there, it looks like it’s your responsibility to become the parent who brings back the unruliness of your party. Before it’s too late.

This is the problem I see with the Democratic Party, they have allowed a good percentage of people to dictate and bully their agendas. It’s time for some of my family members who vote Democrat, to really think things through, before automatically voting for their Party. The videos say enough of what is happening. The news media shows off the screamer adult kids who have gotten their way throughout their lives without true parental discipline. Hence, the state we are now in. And hence, my Independence from that Party in decline…and my Independence in voting for what’s morally right, just and will glorify God!

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