Th Altar Of Insanity |Moral Truth Series

There’s not much that I can add to the words below except, it’s time to— Protect the future of our children’s children…

—When people worship at the Altar of Insanity 

Morals that are deemed perfect are not. 

Morality that should be taught is not. 

Unhealthy Lifestyles are deemed clean.

Clean lifestyle is deemed unclean. 

Those that worship at the Altar of Insanity 

want to drag our kids into this unhealthiness.

People will not worship at 

the Altar of The Way, The Truth & Life 

because they have bought into the Lie. 

They have worshipped at the Altar of Insanity 

far too long to know the insaneness of it all.

If you want to walk away from the Altar of Insanity & get to know the real Way, Truth and Life personally:

Know God

Steps to Peace With God

How Can I know God

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