The origins of this sacred Holyday

by Oscar Roca
First Thanksgiving

4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and bless His name. 5 For the LORD is good, and His loving devotion endures forever; His faithfulness continues to all generations.…

Psalm 100:4 & 5

LORD, thank You for always providing for us. Like the first Pilgrims who came looking for a better life away from tyrannical despots that wanted to control these Godly people’s freedom to worship whatever and however they wanted. I also want to worship You freely without having controlling government or individuals pushing their agendas on me. I ask that You keep all those who appreciate this hallowed day safe and continue guiding this land in Your ways. May those that think this is an evil day, look to the original Thanksgiving Day’s events when the native and European peoples came together to celebrate and thank the God who provided His bountiful harvest. In Your Most Holy Name, Amen. 

Thanksgiving has been villainized for one purpose to make America immoral and without its people informed on the actual roots of its origins. Without these incredibly profound roots, we are just another democracy that will not last in history. 

You see, the way an enemy will wage war against a more powerful nation or force, is by infiltrating its education, governmental, and social systems and working the rot from within the central nervous system of that nation or power. 

This is what has been done slowly and steadily in the United States. My country is in crisis because it has lost its identity.

The original identity of this country was of religious freedom NOT separating faith and government but separating government from religion. The Founding Fathers and the original Pilgrims came to this beautiful land to be free from the tyranny that occurred because of the government being too overpowering and centralized. 

Nowhere in the constitution does it say that we the citizens can’t mix religion with government and vice-versa. This is a lie from entities who want to do away with religious freedom in order to control people more and more. 

That is why I celebrate Thanksgiving every year, to commemorate the First Thanksgiving in this land of the free. I also honor this most solemn of Holydays because it brings humility, acknowledging that God is The One who is in control of this country’s welfare.

Please don’t take my word for it, but research the origins of Thanksgiving:

Origins of Thanksgiving

Original Thanksgiving post

Edward Winslow, “Mourt’s Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, 1622, Part IV,”

George Washington, “Thanksgiving Proclamation,”

What is Thanksgiving?

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