T-7 Days ’til Christmas—The Power of This Holy Day |Christmas 2019 Series

Scripture Matthew 2:2
Graphic Coutesy of FreePik

Christmas is not just another holiday, it is Thee Holy Day. I am not just saying this because of my faith. But look back as far as you can personally, and you will see that things are different during this season.

Yes, I know, Jesus’ birth is unlikely the date we have celebrated for eons.

Yes, there were more than three wise men looking for Jesus.

Yes, we don’t know which star hailed the Newborn King.

Yes, there are countless questions I have that until I get to heaven, won’t be answered.

But here’s one for you skeptics:

There is no other Holy Day that has stopped wars, filled hearts with joy and peace, and stood the test of time, like this one. This Christmas season is special.

It gives people hope for the New Year. It gives families time to reflect on what they have and what has been given to them. It brings families back together. Even during tragic moments like deaths in the family, or divorce, etc., this season makes people long for a peaceful time. It has even the most of skeptics smiling.

Why? Because of the supernatural power of God’s Spirit filling earth with wonder, joy and amazement. Like the wise men seeking the New Born King ( Matthew 2:2 ), or the shepherds hearing the glad tidings of the Savior of the world ( Luke 1:19 ), I ask you today to take time out to look up into the starry night and ask God to fill you with His presence. You will know what I mean when you get your answer. Take time to prepare for this wondrous time of the year. Take time out to smell the hope, peace, joy and most importantly, grace of God through the Son who obediently came to earth as a Baby. To bring us peace everlasting…

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