The CEO, The Servant, & The Tyrant |TRUTH BEHIND TYRANNY 2020 ELECTIONS

I will continue to write about this, as long as there are people taking advantage of their power through this virus quarantine.

The decision to be the best or worst

With this Chinese Wuhan crown virus or coronavirus or covid-19 virus, some people will try to enforce things they have no business doing. Yes, there are self-quarantine rules. Yes, some people will break those rules, and yes, for saving the lives of babies who will be slaughtered at the altar of convenience, people should and do have the right to lawfully assemble. And, per the God-given First Amendment, they have the lawful right to assemble in front of, pray for and with, counsel together and for, each person that is going into these Planned Parenthoods. 

There will always be those who are representing us, getting paid by us, who will become tyrants when things get tough. This is a time when all of us have to come together. Those in charge of emergency personnel, first responders and healthcare providers, including those in the highest positions in government and agencies, who dictate rules and regulations need people with integrity. 

People with integrity needed

We need people in these positions who will uphold the Constitution, keep the masses calm. Leaders who will take counsel from the best of the best experts. Yet make informed and quick decisions with the knowledge that the experts have given them. It is not for those experts to take control of the situation and push their own agendas. This is for our elected officials to decide, specifically, our President. 

President Trump is where the buck stops. Not the World Health Organization, not the CDC, not Congress, Not the Supreme Court. The buck stops and rolls right into the oval office for the most powerful elected official on the planet to decide what happens next. 

Let the CEO ask, think, decide, & lead

Contrary to the social media and news outlets, where most reporters and so-called experts gather to criticize and make condescending comments about everything the President says or does, most of these people have never held any business positions of authority. They have no clue what kind of personality is needed to succeed as a CEO, VP, or Manager. 

This President, with his New York City harshness and toughness, is just the man for this “Pandemic”. 

Most news channels have critics complaining that he does what he pleases. They only see the tip of the iceberg. When POTUS speaks in his covid-19 briefings, he is getting the best advice from top experts in Finance, Health, National Defense, etc.

Once he has enough information from all the experts, it is for him to make the decisions, not his experts, not the media, not any exPOTUSs. Just Him and him alone, with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The same goes for all people. From the sheriff in charge of LASD to the small-town police department captains and personnel. 

the sad reality

No one should become a tyrant. Especially those who wear badges. I will give this police officer credit, he came back to tell them he was wrong and allowed for the gorup assembled to stay but with the condition of assembling ten people at one time, and social distancing themselves.

Peace officers are there to— uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. To enforce the law, not the bylaws of the city or the state. And they are their not to push their own agendas.

the Public servants must serve not be served

They are there to serve and protect the public from harm. Not to harass those with First, Second, and all the rest of their rights given to them by the Constitution.

If Planned Parenthood has a right to kill human beings, We the People have the right to assemble, pray, counsel, and fellowship peacefully. Even if it means breaking up groups by 10. 

Article [I] (Amendment 1 – Freedom of expression and religion) 13

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

But the First Amendment right is there no matter what is going on, and more specifically, as the worst of the worst crisis is going on. Because it is in these crises, that we see our individual God-given rights flow and grow. It is not a time for the anti-gun grabbers, anti-christian church foes, or any other control the masses freaks to come out and grab power. 

& Finally For christians to share the gospel

As for those who are Christians, we must do the work that the LORD told us to do…this supersedes any man-made laws. Defend, Go out, Pour out… and turn the world upside down for Christ!

Next Post, Why All The Panic?!


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