Let outside Replenish —WHile You Replenish on the inside for greatness! |Covid-19

March 30,2020

The Command

When the Israelites took over the Land flowing with Milk and Honey, the LORD was precise in His orders:

They were to work 6 days and rest on the 7th.

They were to let the land rest every 7th year. 

No farming the Land, whatever they had farmed for the 6 years, they would have to save some on the 6th year for the Land to rest on the 7th year. 

This way, the precious renewal of the soil, with all its minerals depleted from farming the Land the 6 years, would allow the ground to rejuvenate.

The Punishment

The Israelites did not heed this command from God. God then had to force them into a 70 year Sabbatical from their own Land. He would bring the Babylonians to sweep most of the Israelites away to one of the most powerful kingdoms to have ever been. 

God’s Grace even in punishment

In other words, even when God was punishing His people for being disobedient, He would send them into the greatest and most plush of kingdoms at that time. 

It would be like today’s parents sending their kids to their rooms, and having all the luxuries needed to sit and take the punishment.

The land replenished

Yes, people died. Yes, they had to be punished and sent roughly 500 miles away to live in an unknown land, with an unfamiliar language and an unknown ruler. But even there, God took care of them and sent them back home at the precise time when their punishment was to be lifted. 

They had for 490 years, not listened to The Almighty’s command of resting the soil. This command was not legalistic or harsh.

We now know that we are to take care of the Land, give it rest so that the Land will take care of us. In other words, the LORD sent them away, so the Land would be quarantined, rested for 70 years to replenish itself, and get full of the precious minerals that would bring it back to life, in order to be fruitful.


So now fast forward to this time….

What do you hear when someone says quarantine?

Quarantine, this word brings most people to a pulsating heartbeat and sweats all over their bodies. 

The Solution

The LORD also has a period in time where dirty things, become clean after 40 days. This 40-day quarantine is all over the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament. 


Now think of something; most of humanity has been mandated to quarantine ourselves. 

I must admit one thing. I live in Los Angeles, where the air is not that clean. But lately, the skies are incredibly clear, and the hues are a different and deeper blue.

We also have noticed that our breathing is better. This is usually the start of allergy season and so far, so good for me.

All this said, I wonder if God has forced people to a quarantine?

What God wants for humanity

One—He wants to reconnect with all people from all lands. He is calling out to everyone to get closer to Him. No, this covid-19 virus is not from God; this is a man-made pestilence. God will take the things that people intend for evil and use it for His good and His will.

Two—He wants us to stop and get back to reading His Bible, which is a love letter that needs to be read from the beginning to the end. This is where we get our wisdom and are able to see what God wants in our lives. 

I always tell people when they ask me where to start reading:

—Go to the Gospel of John. This is going to show you how much God loves us. Because His Son Jesus would die a gruesome death for our sins. Not His.

—Then read the Psalms, because, in them, you will see God’s love, patience, and grace. You will see that the LORD is our refuge and a mighty fortress where we can enter into His protection from things like, well, this virus.

—You can read the Proverbs, and see that wisdom has been calling to people since the beginning of humanity. I have noticed that people are Tech-savvy, IQ savvy, but lack Godly wisdom. This Godly wisdom is what’s needed today. 

Three— He wants us to stop and get back to the important things. Family time, rest time. Rest for the ocean, the beaches, the skies, etc. 

Four— God wants people to reconnect with one another. I notice how much friendlier people are when we are walking by, even with this social distancing, more people are waving and saying hello. We seem to take people LESS for granted than before.

Unknown Author-contact me so I can give you credit!

Five—Find out what God wants from you while you are inside. Some of the Greatest things invented and written have happened while under quarantine.

I will stop here. There is so much more. But that is for next time. So for now, enjoy the time of solitude. Enjoy your family members that live with you. Cherish and miss those whom you will not see until May. But most importantly, let the outside replenish itself while you spiritually replenish yourself on the inside….

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