Is The Church Essential? |The CHurCh Unbound 2020

A Poem On The Church Today

I’ve placed important links throughout the poem. Also at the very bottom for more information.

May you be blessed!

The Church is needed more than ever 

We can’t allow Christianity and society to sever

LORD, what is essential to society?

Is it bickering amongst ourselves with impropriety?

Where finding someone to blame is a priority

Where governors order criminals to go free

It doesn’t matter if they killed in First Degree

While little ones are tortured by law’s decree

LORD, what is essential to society?

The Planned Abortion killing fields

The babies cry out with none to shield

Silent little cries that are not appealed

Where praying in public as defense

For those little lives that will go unmissed

LORD, what is essential to society? 

Leaders demanding churches close

But abortion clinics are essential, they suppose

Where the rule of law is like the USSR

Where the rights of people, leaders bar

LORD, what is essential to society?

Where government becomes dystopian

And the Nanny State is our Custodian 

And the rights of people stomped upon

Where they break us down with their batons  

Where right is wrong and wrong is right

And evil reigns without a fight

LORD, what is essential to society?

LORD, your Church needs to wake from slumber

Before it’s too late and rights they’ve plundered

Help me to be the change in my community

Wake us up LORD to change society

Wake Your Church up LORD I plead

Let all know it’s time for us to heed.

Had we made Your mission-essential

Instead of banning Your credentials

And the Church would be influential

Had we shown Your Son’s love potential

Barna Poll– The Bible in America

LORD, what is essential to society?

We see everwhere, prayer that’s forbidden

And Your Message they have ridden

Your children grow up uninformed 

And Your existence do they scorn

With there ignorance, your pages torn

Your babies learn this when they are born

LORD, what is essential to society?

We’ve made our leadership our gods

We beckon at their every nod

Save us, save us, oh governing gods!

We will worship at your altar

Save us from this virus’ falter!

LORD, what is essential to society?

We ask and ask that things be free

Instead of us giving, in harmony

We want to be taken care of

But we never ask from help above

May I be the first to show Your love

Is Your Church essential LORD today?

Are we worried about the buildings we’ve acquired 

Instead of learning from Your Church’s humble beginnings?

When the world was turned upside down

By Your Church with great renown

Your Spirit led, and thus provided 

The great Caeser could not divide it!

May we now explode throughout the world

With such great power, love, and grace hurled

That all shriek in pain in the underworld!

If you want to know God on a deeper level

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