Hosanna—We Choose You to Save Us! |Passion Week 2020

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The Lamb without defects

This year’s Passion Week holds a special meaning. The whole world is gripped in fear of the unknown. This #covid19virus has the world in something almost everyone have not experienced. It is as if the world has stopped on all cylinders. So This #PassionWeek2020 will have special meaning for all of us. 

The Feats or Rehearsals or moedim

For thousands of years, Hebrew families would gather around on this day, what we Christians know as #PalmSunday. They were to do one thingchoose a male lamb that was a year old and without any marks or blemishes. In other words, they would select the purest looking lamb in their flocks or buy one from local sheepherders.

Those families too poor to buy one, would ask around to see if any other family would pitch in to buy the lamb & share it. 

Practice makes perfect

In these ancient Hebrew towns, neighbors would most likely be family members, and not finding a family to pitch in to buy a lamb would not be a problem. I can relate to this because, in my culture, a good portion of Americans of Mexican descent, live close to family; or close enough to go halves or thirds on anything!!

Now, after choosing a perfect little lamb, families would take their new pet in & take care of it from the 10th day to the 14th day, where then, it would be taken to the priests to be examined & then sacrificed!

I imagine how the kids felt once the 4th day drew close. Kids, as you know, get close to pets extremely fast. They now, have most likely named their pet lamb and have fed it and taken good care of it. So when I say that the kids would miss their lamb, would be an understatement.

Now imagine having to do this every year. Hebrew families throughout the land of Israel & beyond, practicing this pre-Passover tradition for about 1,500 years until the time of Jesus. 

This Special Feast of the LORD was mandated for all of God’s people to practice once a year. Why do I say practice, because The LORD told His people they were to practice these feasts or appointed times yearly (Here are the LORD’s Feasts found in Exodus 12:14-28Leviticus 23:4-8Numbers 28:16-25Deuteronomy 16:1-8).

The mandated Blood Sacrifice

by Oscar Roca

The first of these Feasts, is the Passover sacrifice. God told the Hebrews to take the little lamb and kill it. They were to take the lamb’s blood and sprinkle it on the top and sides of their doorposts. The blood would serve to protect them when the Angel of Death passed over their households. All Hebrew homes that had the lamb’s sprinkled blood would be saved from death.

This picking of an unblemished lamb was to be practiced yearly, taking about 1,500 years to rehearse; Hebrew families had perfected it!

Jesus we choose you! Save us now!

So fast forward to Jesus, whom they calledThe Lamb of God who came to take the sins of the world (John 1:29). As He and His disciples are entering into Jerusalem through the Beautiful Gate riding on a young donkey. Now here’s the most important:

If you don’t remember most of this post, please remember this part— God made His people Israel practice the choosing of an unblemished Male Lamb for 1,500 years before sending His Son Jesus through the entrance gate of His city, Jerusalem. Let that sink in please! 

As Jesus rode in on a donkey, the Jews were crying out for Him to save them. In other words, when Jesus entered through the city gate, He, the Lamb, was being chosen to sacrifice Himself for them. The more they cried out Hosanna, or Saves us (Matthew 21:15) the more they were calling for Jesus to be their Redeemer!

The Appointed Times of The LORD

On the same day and hour; where for 1,500 years, on the exact day, and time that families had been practicing the choosing of a perfect male lamb, the crowd was calling on Jesus the Son of God to save them! Choosing Jesus, to be there Sacrificial Lamb would begin a special time clock of the Moedim, or Feasts of Israel! 

These were the same Feasts that the LORD mandated His people to rehearse every year during Spring and Fall. The clock had started…

the countdown Begins

So the first Palm Sunday marked the beginning of the timeline the LORD gave to Israel. It started about 2,000 years ago on that extraordinary day and continues to this present day. 

About a million-plus people, had made the pilgrimage from all of the world, for the Spring Feasts. They, without realizing it, were choosing their Lamb for God to cleanse them from the horrible virus called Death.

Jesus would stay in the area with His disciples until on the 14th Day, He would be taken to the High Priest and found guilty, but the Sanhedrin could not find any hard evidence to find Jesus guilty. Yet, this LAMB of GOD, would, by His blood, cleanse us once and for all from the virus of Death.

May this Palm Sunday find you asking Jesus to save you. Then and only then will you be truly saved from the virus of Death and all other viruses, because Jesus conquered Death, and Death has no hold on Him…nor any who call Jesus to save them now!…

Next, Passion Week continues…

May this Passion Week, bring peace & comfort to you and your loved ones. If you don’t have this peace and are not comforted by the way the world is going, I invite you to know God’s peace:

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God

Paz Con Dios

Pasos para la Salvación PDF

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