The Humble King is Dead-Long Live the King! |Passion Week 2020-Good Friday

The Crucifixion

I have been teaching about these Appointed Times or Feasts of the LORD, at our Bible study for the past few years becasue I want to make Christians aware of the depth and width of scriptures. So that we all become approved workers, rightly dividing the Word of God to its deepest details. Some teachers preach lessons on Sunday, but due to the lack of time, they can only glean off of the Word.

But as Christians, we are to reach out to God by prayer & His Word, teach & preach thoroughly. This Good Friday post is just this. Please take the time to chew on the Word & Research all things…

I will not be talking about the 7 sayings of Jesus or the dialogue with the thieves or Mary. I want you to think outside of the box and go even more profoundly to the prophetic insights of the cross.

But whatever you do:


Passover: One of The Feasts or Appointed Times of The LORD:

For 1,500 years on Passover day, Jews all over the world would be singing from the Egyptian Hallel Psalms. These Psalms were 113- 118. God inspired King David to pen down these Songs for a reason.

Christians don’t know the Passover Seder Psalms, & this is tragic since these Psalms all point to Jesus the Anointed One or Messiah of the world & when His Appointed time would come.

The Seder is a tradition originating from the time the Israelites were slaves in Egypt; hence, the Egyptian Hallel Psalms Hymns. This Feast was what the Last Supper is and why we need to celebrate the New Covenant Feast of Christ.

The Last Supper Song was being sung as Judas was or had just left to betray Jesus. This is what Jesus and His disciples would be singing:

“The Stone which the builders refused has become the Head of the corner. This is from the LORD; it is marvelous in our eyes.

PSALM 118:22,23

I wrote about this in my last blog post. Now we are at the scene of the Crucifixion, where the most horrific and immoral act in History happened. Yet, the LORD had His exact and specific purpose for the events to unfold. What was meant for evil by the Jewish leaders of the Sanhedrin, God had in His infinite wisdom and incredible foresight, written about it in the Bible through various Hebrew Prophets.

These God-inspired men wrote scriptures down, telling and pointing to the very moment in History, on a hill far away from here called Golgotha, right outside of Jerusalem’s walls. 

THE SCHEDULE rough time estimates on the trial and scourging

Around Midnight

Jesus arrested and betrayed by Judas (Mark 14:43-52Luke 22:47-53John 18:1-14).

Around 3-4 a.m —

Jesus was taken to the High Priest’s and the Sanhedrin ( Mark 14:53-65Luke 22:66-71John 18:19-24 ). 

Around 4-5 a.m —

Jesus was sent to Pilate (Matthew 27:11-14Luke 23:1-5John 18:28-40 ).

Around 5-6 a.m —

Pilate would then send Jesus to Herod ( Luke 23:6 ).

Around 7-8 a.m —

All would mock and abuse Jesus while being questioned ( Isaiah 50:4-11Isaiah 53Mark 15:16-20Luke 22:63-65John 19:1-15 ).

THE fascinating & intriguing part:

PSALM 118:27

At 9 a.m. or the third hour:

Jesus, a Jewish Rabbi of about 33 years of age, would be sentenced to death on made-up charges. Where Roman soldiers would then start inflicting their cruel and brutal punishment.

Pilate had already ordered Jesus to be scourged & beaten and paraded around Jerusalem.

Now the Roman soldiers would strip Jesus fully naked…yes, I know that is humiliating and cruel, but this is what they did. No one ever speaks of this because they think it will offend or shock God. God knew what His Son would be going through. Jesus knew exactly what He would be going through. Hence, the droplets of blood sweat in the garden (Luke 22:44 ).

Exact Appointed time and day:

Jesus was crucified on the cross (Mark 15:25 ). At the exact time, the first Psalm was echoing throughout Jerusalem.

Millions of Pilgrims coming from all over the world would start singing at the sound of the Shofar blasts telling them it was time for the morning sacrifices to begin, the first Sacrificial Lamb Sacrifice. The first Psalm sacrifice to be sung:

PSALM 118:15-16

3rd, 6th & 9th hours

9 a.m. or The 3rd hour:

These morning sacrifices were at 9, 12, and 3 p.m. The millions gathered around would stop what they were doing and sing the Egyptian Hallel Psalms at:

Noon, the 6th Hour All of Jerusalem’s pilgrims and the Temple priests would be singing about God’s Right Hand being exalted & performing boldly!

Jesus said It Is Finsihed- TELEÓ

3 p.m. or The 9th hour is the last sacrifice, & specifically, the special Passover Lamb sacrifice. At this exact moment, Jesus was dying on the cross while the High Priest was killing the Passover Lamb. 

Oscar Roca

The 9th hour or 3 p.m. is also known as the Hour of Prayer. Do you notice Jesus is praying to the Father ( Luke 23:46 )?

John 19:30 

At 3 p.m., when Jesus gave up His Spirit, All of Jerusalem would be singing about The Almighty Creator humbling Himself.

The Creator of the universe had humiliated Himself in front of millions of people in Jerusalem. This immense crowd was there to witness and be a part of the Passover sacrificial Feast. 

PSALM 113:5 & 6

Jesus at the exact Appointed Time, was crucified and died, for the salvation of His people from the Angel of Death. Yet even His disciples would not understand this. It would take another incredible and mighty act of God to show them that Jesus was the Mighty One of Israel. The Redeemer who, like many times they had heard, was the Lamb of God who would take the sins away…


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