Disobeying to Obey God—Truth behind Tyranny 2020


I have to confess something to all of you.

I have been negligent on what I was called to do for Christ. My calling is to Serve, Teach, and Preach the Good News of the Gospel. 

To some of you, even Christian friends and family, this may sound way overboard. But to those who know me, as some have told me, I do not compartmentalize my Christianity. Being a Christian is who I am as a person. 

I do not set my Christian faith in a small box when speaking to people I don’t know. Sooner or later, my faith comes to the top of the conversation. 

But, I have done something utterly unacceptable to me. I have allowed my government, from the mayor of my city. The governor of my state, and even the President of this country to tell me what to do. And I have done what they have said. 

Yes, I know I have been protesting every week about it on my blog posts, but I still followed the quarantine “suggestions,” which became mandates afterward.


I have been meditating about this since the news from China hit all over the social media outlets. This Chinese virus, yes, it comes from China. No, I am not racist. Yes, the virus was called the Wuhan Pneumonia virus, before all the Chinese propaganda started pushing their economic weight around, making all those who are caught in it’s political and economic weight, back off from naming its actual name. 

I am not one of those that owe China anything. Therefore, I call it what it is; a Chinese made virus that infiltrated most of the world and wreaked havoc on their economic and national sovereignties.

Now back to why I have to confess & apologize.

Throughout history, Christians have been at the forefront of putting themselves in danger for the sake of helping others so unselfishly:

Excerpt from BibleMesh.com


Christians fed, clothed and prayed for the sick, not caring about their own safety or health. Always depending on God’s protection:

-The Plague of Cyprian, the mid-250s A.D.

-The Black Death, the early 1300s A.D.

-The Black Death, the early-mid 1500s A.D.

-Smallpox Epidemic, Princeton New Jersey the mid-1700s A.D.

-Cholera in England, the mid-1800s A.D.

-Flu pandemics of the early 1900s. Churches were closed, preachers still preached, missionaries always helped no matter the consequences.

-World War I,

-World War II,

-Cold War

-Ebola, Mers, Zika, Swine Flu, Bird flu, and more flu viruses.

Wuhan Province China, Christians go out to help those in need. Share masks, gloves, food, and Christ.

In all the above wars, plagues & famines, Preachers still preached, Christians always served, missionaries always went out & shared the love of Christ.


What do all these plagues and famines have in common?

All of these plagues and famines were deadly. Yet, the love of Christ was more powerful. Christians throughout history cared more about helping their fellow human beings and sharing by helping, feeding, clothing and taking care of those dying in the streets because the rest of the population was too afraid to help out.


I will give this stay at home order a few more weeks, after this, I don’t care if I get arrested. I will go out and pray for, and along with, any person who wants, needs, and craves prayer. Or if they need food, clothing, water etc.


Pastors, elders, deacons, and everyone else:

The time has come to obey God rather than any human authority ( Acts 5:29 ).

Patients are dying in hospitals alone and without having heard the Gospel. 

Some are alone in their homes, with no one to care for them. Families are afraid. Parents are stressed over finances. Kids are overboard on being bored, and without an outlet for their physical hyperactiveness.

Some have mental anxieties that only fellow Christians can help them through by praying and counseling. 

The Holy Spirit works through doctors and nurses, even if they are not Christians ( Proverbs 16:9Proverbs 20:24; Jeremiah 10:23 ).

But they don’t have what pastors, and elders have. The anointing of the Holy Spirit to go out and heal the sick, and pray for all who need it ( Matthew 10:1Matthew 10:8;  Luke 10:9Luke 12:12 ).


I know this virus is remarkably dangerous. I understand this has killed people. Christians throughout history also knew the plagues and famines confronting them were even more contagious and deadly than what we now have. 

So with careful prayer and study, I will be one of those who will start doing what I was called to do, always, no matter what. It is essential that I do what God has called me to do. It is essential that I don’t stop doing what God has told me to because God’s Laws supersede man-made ordinances. 

Am I going against what Romans 13:1 says?


One: Anytime, whenever authorities have tried to close down the right of people to worship, people obeyed God first. 

Two: The information given to us to stay at home do not match what the facts are. The model of contagion was exaggerated. There are fewer casualties than what they told us at the start. They include too many people in the “at death” statistics, which may or may not have had the actual covid-19 virus, or had other underlying health issues.

Three: The statistics have not given us enough detailed information to see the big picture ( American SpectatorFox NewsWebMD ). In other words, I am not a covid-19 DENIER, just a skeptic. 

I also ask for prayer. That if I am doing what God intends, doors will open for me to share comfort, peace, grace, love, and the Gospel, which saves lives eternally. After all, this is the ultimate & essential part of what being a Christian is all about…

If you need prayer, leave a message

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