An Interview with My WIfe |Covid-19 2020

First off, I want to thank all those workers, from healthcare to fire, to peace officers, to the farmworkers who, above all others, work the hardest for the amount of pay they get.

Now to my story.

My incredible wife of 35+ years has been in healthcare for 33 years. She, along with her sister and six others in the office, have dealt with what people are finally focusing on with this virus. They, along with the two doctors, have concentrated their efforts to provide most of the nursing homes and senior living facilities personalized healthcare throughout the past three decades plus. 

So this story is about her and the rest of the people who have seen what the elderly have always gone through first hand.

LA County has the most senior facilities with this Chinese covid-19 exposure. The patients they deal with are living with this real fear of catching it since this age group is the most vulnerable to get it.

But here is the main focus of my post today:

She reads everything I write beforehand. So, when I have asked her questions through this quarantine, here are her responses. Some of you working in healthcare may not agree with her, but I hold her point of view with great respect because she has been serving the most vulnerable of people for three decades plus.

On healthcare workers being superheroes:

Me: We have to go and thank the healthcare workers for what they are doing.

Wife thinking for a bit: I don’t think that we need to be thanked like that. When I first started and got trained for all of this, I didn’t think it was more special than say the military, or janitors, or cleaners, or full-time ministers of the gospel.

On her healthcare worker status & cutting in front of line:

Me Surprised: So, you wouldn’t get in front of the line at Costco or any other store? Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this?

Wife again thinking seriously: It seems that if we do things for our benefit, like cutting to the front of the line, or getting free coffee or anything like that would be unChristian. I’m not any better or more essential than anyone else.

We do this for His glory…not ours. 

My wife’s answer

On people getting $600 a week staying home:

Me: Now, a bit annoyed but more amused and smiling, since I start thinking of things to bait her with…tilting my head like those 80s infomercial realtors: So, you don’t mind people getting $600 a week sitting at home while you go out every day and work, hoping not to catch the virus?

Wife instantly answering: No, those that need the $600 have most likely lost their jobs and health benefits. $600 a week is a small payment for them. Their lives have been devastated by this shutdown.

Matthew 25:35

On risks of infection or dying:

Me now more annoyed: But you run the risk of dying! You should take the perks that come with being a healthcare worker (I am on her side on her thinking but want to see if she gets annoyed at me).

Wife answering right away again: No, it’s like those young men and women who join the military, in the back of their minds, they certainly need to think things through before signing up for the armed forces. They are called armed forces for a reason. Sure the benefits are great. Housing is excellent, but they sign up for war. I didn’t think about viruses or death or contagious diseases when I signed up to work in healthcare. I knew there were dangerous things and that those things happened to good, and not so good people. 

We are going in there with things floating around that we don’t even know about, but we still go in.

My wife

Her calling:

But that is not the reason why I chose this work. Just like our military men and women, they weren’t thinking about the dangerous things, or if they did, their decision to defend the country was more important than what would happen to them. I feel that if God intended for me to be in healthcare, then my calling is to help the seniors in whatever way possible. They are lonely, crave the interaction, and the help they may not get from their kids or family members. 

On the what if’s again:

Me Now more serious: What if you get infected?

Wife: Whether I do or not, God has a time for me to be with Him. Either I am with Him here, or there. I can’t worry about it. I love helping the people that need it the most. 

essential accolades:

There is so much more that I could write about my wife. But when she reads this, she is going to be highly embarrassed about it. Because she doesn’t do this healthcare thing to get attention or perks. She has been faithful in her ministry of helping the widow, the orphan, and the defenseless. 

I say that the elderly in this country are the widows because most are single and living in places where their families don’t go and see them, even before this “pandemic” started.

I say they are orphans because of the above. No one goes and sees them. They are left orphaned by the people who were cared for by them.

I say they are defenseless, because of some of the abuse we hear happens to the elderly, for the same reason above and also by the way that people take monetary advantage of them. 

On my eye witness:

I also write this because my wife doesn’t know that I was at Costco’s parking lot and saw first hand how she walked to the back of the line, during her lunchtime, while other people also wearing scrubs, took advantage of their “Status” to go inside, without waiting. 

Now, this is not condemning those people, because I believe that cops, firefighters, nurses, and doctors should be able to get in the front of the line if they are working. 

I don’t agree that the above should go to the front of the line if they are not working.

All this to say:

All this to say, that I thank the LORD for my wife. I thank Him for her ministry. She never thought about it as a ministry, but I have often felt that she speaks to older folks who are closer to eternity. I know people of all ages pass on, but the older we get, the closer we are to stepping into eternity, and the odds of going home to the LORD are higher.

So, here’s to all the health workers out there. Most of you work hard because you have found your calling. I, for one, thank you for this, even though my wife will say that all workers are essential. I agree with this, I still thank you, the peace officers, firefighters, farmworkers, farmers, janitors, store personnel, truckers, and all who contribute to what has been the greatest battle of this century.

Final words:

PS Special thanks to those Elders in churches who hold jobs and do ministry. This is the highest calling because you are serving people into eternity!

If you didn’t understand about helping people into eternaty, here are links to do your research on this most important subject:

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